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Tank Dempsey, The Story of the Lost Soldier

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NZ_Dempsey.pngA soldier lost in time....

DISCLAIMER: What is written is based off of what we know, some is speculation, some VERY probable speculation. This is to help us connect a story to the man of a thousand fists.

Tank Dempsey, born to kill, a natural soldier. A native of the United States, he was destined for combat and slaughter. Due to his lust for the ladies, he had a child, but it is unknown if the mother was his wife. He and his son had a relationship like no other, but then, the war came around. Tank answered his natural calling and joined the “best of the best”. In 1942 Tank Dempsey enlisted in the United States Marine Corp and was put in the 1st Marine Division. Put at the rank of either Private First Class or Lance Corporal, he was eager to serve his country in the years to come.

Tank’s first step into hell was a small spit of islands known as the Solomon islands, the 1st Marine Division was tasked with taking Guadalcanal, a small part of the solomons. Here, dempsey would use his talent to slay japanese troops by the dozens. most likely using the b.a.r (Browning Automatic Rifle) he showed heroism and valor, thus earning himself the Congressional Medal of Honor. Having won the nation’s highest military decoration, he was immediately sent back to the states and was used as a celebrity to gain war bonds to help the war effort. Tank Dempsey, a born killer, did not enjoy this, so he demanded a transfer back into combat. After a year of bond driving, he was able to pull some strings in order to return to service. In 1942, having realized his true combat skills, he was chosen for a pre invasion unit for the upcoming assault of the island of Peleliu. The history books say this never happened, and that the operation doesn’t exist. What Tank was doing on the Island of Peleliu must have been important because military accounts have no record of his special unit and their actions on Peleliu. Promoted to Sergeant and made squad leader of his unit. Armed to the teeth Tank Dempsey was ready to raise hell. During their attack, they were compromised, captured, and interrogated. Being kept in bamboo cages submerged in malaria infested waters, Tank Dempsey had to escape and put revenge on his captors. Using His Medal Of Honor and the bobby pin on it, he managed to gnaw his way out of the cage, and kill his captors. Tank Dempsey was loose. After weeks of wandering the Island and killing more of the Japanese troops, he encountered a friendly unit of his former pals, the 1st Marine Division. Having been saved by his unit, he refused a ride to the Aid Station and even a ticket home, he stayed on the island for the remaining weeks of the battle. On November 27th, Peleliu was taken by the US. Tank Dempsey’s unit was preparing for yet another attack on a new island, Okinowa. Tank Dempsey on the otherhand was preparing for something even more important. Chosen by President Truman and the OSS, he was pulled out of active duty and trained for a special operation, not in Japan, but in Nazi Germany. He returned home for debriefing with the POW medal, Medal of Honor, WW2 Victory medal, Asiatic campaign Medal, and the American Campaign medal.

Peter Mccain, an American member of Group 935, and a double agent working at the Wittenau Sanatorium in Berlin was compromised. Tank Dempsey and 3 other Marines under his command were sent to recover him. Armed with an M1 Garand rifle, 7 extra clips in a bandolier, 2 MK2 Fragmentation Grenades, and a Ka-Bar Knife, His team was ready for their inevitable doom. On September 10, 1945, Tank’s unit breached the compound and discovered it was empty, searching for Peter, they discovered he was already gone, and also discovered a deadly secret. They sanatorium was filled with zombies. Fighting for their lives, the marines couldn’t hold on for long. Tank Dempsey, the last survivor, was low on ammo, but then, lost consciousness. Awoken in a room, he came eye to eye with Doctor Edward Richtofen, a member of Group 935. After being tested on by Richtofen and Ludwig Maxis, head of Group 935, Dempsey’s memory was erased by Richtofen. Edward then used Tank and 2 other test subjects to carry out his plans.

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Thanks, took me a couple days to get all the evidence and compile a probable story to his past. Up next is going to be Nikolai

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Thanks! currently, have the outline for Nikolai. I will also be making a QWR (quick weapon reference) for both black ops and waw.

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