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Ascension and Five

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Something I noticed. In the Co-op mode of Zombies, all of the maps are written just like they should. Kino Der Toten, Dead Ops Arcade, Call of the Dead, etc. But there are two strange things I noticed. Ascension and Five are different. They're both in all caps. None of the others are. Could this mean something? To see what I'm talking about, go to where you pick a map to search for people and under the picture should be a description that says "Zombie co-op mode in _______." What y'all think. They are connected in a way with the characters on the phone.

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Guest Kill_All_Monkeys

Well the two maps did take place at the same time due to the red phone easter egg, and I know that is old news. My guess is that's the connecction.

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Guest Rissole25

I also noticed that Nacht is spelt "Nacht Der Untoten", while Kino is spelt "Kino der Toten". Or it was the other way around. :roll:

Either way, one 'der' has a capital letter while the other doesn't. Not sure why they made it like that though. I've never used a capital on the 'der' anyway, so whenever I've written it, it's "Kino der Toten" "Nacht der Untoten".

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