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Thundergun vapourizes zombies?

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Hey guys, if you seen my iOS Ascension findings thread, you would've seen what I'm talking about. If not, here are the images.


Now the first thing you'll think of is that it is made like because the graphical limitations of iOS can't handle them being blown away. I thought of this too, however I changed my mind for reasons which I will state below.

- When you kill a crawler by knifing it, it flies (or should I say 'snaps') back a bit. Using that kind of code, they could've made the zombies fly backwards after being shot.

- If it was graphical limitations, than they could've just let them drop to ground as if being killed by a non-wonder weapon.

- The monkeys die in the same way (check 5th image), but they activate the red pulse on death as well. There console counterparts don't, so they could've just made them drop dead without any red pulse.

However, I don't see any reason to make it like that, other than graphical limitations which I stated possibly couldn't be an issue.

So what do you make of this. Take it seriously or not?

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Guest thasqueakyb

As far as I know, the Thundergun doesn't vaporize the zombies on the xbox console or the PC. This could just be a bad porting from consoles and PC to handheld devices or some kind of other reason.

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Guest WhosOnFirst

- If it was graphical limitations, than they could've just let them drop to ground as if being killed by a non-wonder weapon.

Your initial thought was correct, it is due to graphical limitations. Lots of objects flying through the air at the same time require many real time calculations. Each body (rag doll) has to be calculated independantly. All the while these calcs are running they are using precious resources required for stability (smooth running) of the application. It really is amazing that a phone can run this sort of intensive program in the first place.

The reason they would have chosen the vaporise effect is that customers would probably complain if they just fell to the floor. It is a WW after all.

Essentialy they try to remain as true to the original as they can within the limitations that the system imposes on them.

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Guest MixMasterNut

Exactly what WhosOnFirst said.

Giving all the zombies within the Thundergun's blast radius, a "rag doll" effect is pretty strenuous to calculate in real-time.

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

If they did include the flying ragdoll effect, it would lag or probably just crash the app. If you were facing a horde............*boom* app crashes

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Guest Arussianmonkey

Sometimes in a large crowd the zombies on console will just drop dead instead of flying away. So that could also be of limitations, but the developers probably wanted a better solution then making them just drop dead all the time.

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Guest Rissole25

Understandable guys. Just wanted to see if there was anything that could be made out of it haha.

I'm guessing they will use the same effect for the Scavenger and V-R11 Lazarus when shot 3 times.

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