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Zombie Map Trailers

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I know some of the devs read this board, so if you see this, please consider this. Can we go back to how the trailers for the maps used to be? They had a little commentary from the characters at the beginning, then went into the EE song and showed gameplay. Don't get me wrong, I love Jimmy giving us a breakdown of the map, and I don't want that to leave. I just like the older trailers (through Kino) way more than any of the other cheesy trailers that y'all put out. Let the trailer get people pumped. Having a commentator who is not one of the characters talk in what seems to be a poke at the movies of the 60s is annoying. For instance, Ascension and CotD. I felt like I was going to see some movie at the drive in and this was some preview. It didn't excite me. It showed me some of the map, but that's it. I want the song flowing through me so I'm excited to start playing the map. Shangri-la's was okay with the "In the Jungle" song, but still doesn't compare to the WaW trailers, along with Kino.

So in conclusion, can you go back to the original way the trailers were made? Does anyone else agree with me?

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Guest Jake-Duck

Trust me, everyonewould rather have these types of trailers. It was really cool when they made the Kino der Toten trailer at CoDXP,


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Guest MurderMachineX

Trust me, everyonewould rather have these types of trailers. It was really cool when they made the Kino der Toten trailer at CoDXP,


I liked the Call of Duty Zombie Labs trailers very much, thank you.

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Guest Jake-Duck

I did not mean to offend you MurderMachineX, I'm very sorry. I like those trailers too, just the older ones hyped me up much more.

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Guest FatedTitan

As I said, I'm not saying completely go away from those type, but make two if that's what they're wanting to do. Let's be honest, we saw very little gameplay from the CoDZL trailer. Not to mention I would have known not to activate the song when I started playing ;)

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Guest aegisknight

the ones for the black ops map packs haven't really impressed me that much. They tell me what is in the maps, sure, but I'll find that out for myself soon enough. I much prefer watching the ones like Kino, Der Riese, Shi no Numa, and Verruckt. They make the game seem larger than life, extremely awesome, rather than just a dry overview of features.

The ones for WaW also gave clues to the storyline, which I loved. I just watched them recently and feel like I still learned some things I otherwise wouldn't have.

You get none of that with the newer ones. The zombie labs seem to me like they were just given too big of an advertising budget and are looking for ways to spend the money, it doesn't tell me anything about gameplay or the story itself. Sure it looks cool, but in the long run its worthless.

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Guest jasonkorrey

I have watch the Zombie Map Trailer and it would very nice. The one Map of Black Ops II map impressed me too much and it's awesome. Whatever they have made in the game is more real as life.

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