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Okay so in case anyone hasnt figured out yet, the zombies storyline is friggin CONFUSING! I havent found any full

explanations on the story in its entirety at all on this site! :o I would really love to to know all the parts of the story that are known so far and what we dont quite know yet.

Oh and also, I am very new to this site! Can someone explain what brains are used for... [brains]

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Top Posters In This Topic

there is not enough space on the forums to explain every thing about every bit of zombies IMO,but there is a lot of stuff we still don't know as well

I'm sure you've read blindbusdrivers story with is very well written and explains most stuff about the story but if you need to know anything else you can pm me with any questions you have, or anyone else you see posting on the theroys section

it is very confusing but once you get into it you just cant stop

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Brains are reputation points given by users to good posts by clicking the green thumbs up button at corner of the post.

The story is very complicated and still not fully explained but you get most out of it by looking few threads like these:



The first thread introduces the basics for you and the second one has more story flow type of thing to it :D

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Guest MegaAfroMan

You should make an introduction post in the introduction section. And if you need help understanding things about the forum, click the red text in my signature, I wrote a guide for the very purpose of helping new members :) Happy slaying, and good luck digging for theories!

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The Nazi Zombies storyline is very confusing, but no where has it perfect. If you read any stories on the internet, I say you do your own research to tell what to believe. This is, however, the best place to go to talk Zombies and get a good understanding of the story.

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Guest aegisknight

there is no agreement on a complete storyline. There are some very brave attempts to cobble one together, but there is much evidence that is disputed with every timeline.

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