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Zombies iOS: Exclusive Content

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In an interview with Rob Hendry of Ideaworks, the UK developers in charge of converting the cult classic Zombies game mode to mobile, he takes us through the ideas and development behind the latest iOS title. He talks about the iOS having more exclusive content and easter eggs, like Peter's grave, and the shovel. Here is an excerpt:

"Looking down the road a little we've got upcoming maps and they are looking really cool. Ascension is coming and we're working on some interesting ideas with Treyarch and Activision on special mobile-specific content like new weapons and content made exclusively for iOS, much like the Peter's Grave Easter Egg in the Shi No Numa map, where players could dig up and use his prized Wunderwaffe with special shovels; that was a great and unique bonus for iOS players." -Rob

Interesting enough, I think this is a great way to entertain Zombie fans until the release of Black Ops 2!


Post em below.

(By the way, this was posted on December 8th of last year, but I didn't see a post like this before.)

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Guest S1ippery Jim

Yes this quote guarantees that we will see a new exclusive easter egg or two in the iOS version of BO Zombies. I wouldn't read too much into the 'his prized wunderwaffe' part though, these guys are not Treyarch, Treyarch are not even credited in the BO iOS version the way they were in the WAW iOS version, and probably had very minimal input. I doubt ideaworks have any new storyline input or can shed light on any part of the existing storyline.

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