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Mr Richtofen: Teacher

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Just like my Black Ops Zombies Tutorial thread, this shows the World at War Zombies tutorial. Basically Richtofen says the same things as Dempsey, but with a cool twist at the end.

[center:fma0odpc]Read it in Richtofen's voice![/center:fma0odpc]


Zombie Richtofen FTW![/center:fma0odpc]

Obviously non-canon. Richtofen shouldn't even be at Nacht, but you could say the same thing about the Black Ops Nacht. I kinda felt sorry for him when he turned.

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Guest piepwns

Poor zombie Richtofen... He got killed by some random marine who doesn't have a name or a voice... Such a sad way to go out. Then again going into a little girls body and cowering inside a pyramid isn't much better... eh, go figure.

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