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Get Creative! New Zombie Slaying Tools

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[center:2d5uunch]Ehjookayshun 101: Brainstorming the Best Unknown Zombie Slaying Tools[/center:2d5uunch]

Everyone knows the mainstream zombie set-ups that work well and do make a lot of money and slay zombies well, but there's that hipster crew, those who go against the "mainstream." I ask you to think about the set-ups that people wouldn't necessarily think of!

Also, make sure they're good set ups; don't put in "L96, Dragunov, Quick Revive, Double Tap, Flopper, Stamin-Up." They have to be usable in game! I'll add the best ones on to the Master Zombies Guide because we all need a little variety. Okay, so here's my choice of hipster set-up right here.

Please format your posts just like this with some explanation (doesn't have to be as much as mine).

Where can I use this? (Solo, co-op)

-Co-Op only



-Speed Cola/PhD Flopper

-Double Tap

-Deadshot Daiquiri


-Tokyo and Rose (Pack-a-Punched PM63)

-Ray Gun



Alright so you might think this is a little odd, very odd in fact; well this set-up is an absolute beast! Especially on Moon, where you can run a train in the Stamin-Up room, with hacked ammo in the adjacent room, you will beast with these! Here's what I'll talk about: the PM63's have insane upward recoil, thus making the dual wields absolutely horrendous, but with Deadshot, the aim in concentrated, the hipspread so tight that you will practically instant headshot the zombies! Double Tap allows for quicker killing, and with hacked ammo, you won't even feel the weight in your pocket! Juggernog is obvious, of course.

What else do you get? Well with the dual wields, you get a very nice run speed; the Ray Gun is there for situations that don't exactly go well, particularly reviving. Deadshot also helps with the hipspread there. Double Tap makes the Ray Gun an absolute monster.

Now for the tricky part. If you're confident and an absolute point king, then go for Speed Cola; however, for most situations that are tricky, and trust me, Moon, and the other two maps where this is viable, get crazy fast. I recommend Flopper, so that you can use your Ray Gun to save yourself. Flopper + Double Tap + Ray Gun= a near Mustang and Sally with nearly 200 shots PaP'd.

However, the Ray Gun reload speed is slow and you'll need it eventually. Basically, if you're in a coordinated multiplayer game, go Speed; if you're in a random lobby, go Flopper.

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Guest Rissole25

Where can I use this? (Solo, co-op)

-Co-Op only, but can be used on Solo if you prefer a challenge.


- Juggernog

- Stamin-Up

- Double Tap

- Mule Kick


- HK-21

- SPAS-12

- Galil

- Fragmentation/Monkey Bombs

This is more a heavy loadout/point whore class. Stamin-Up will take care of your speed troubles while using the HK-21, while Double Tap heavily increases the effectiveness of the HK, and the usefulness of the Spaz. Galil may suffer from ammo loss, however the point of the class is to gain points, while also getting rid of anything in your way. The Galil and SPAS-12 do this very well, especially when aimed at the head.

There PaP'd forms make it even better. SPAS-12 becomes SPAS-24 and fully automatic, and is very effective at dispersing enemies if they get to close/get in your way. Double Tap just makes it a machine.

The Galil IMO is arguably the strongest Assualt Rifle in Zombies, even when it's the Lamentation. Headshots take enemies from afar-medium range, and is also good for grabbing some points till you get that next Max Ammo.

The H115 Oscillator is also another powerful weapon. With the biggest magazine out of all guns, PaP'd, Double Tap and Stamin-Up, you'll be a walking one man army! Possibly not so great up close, but from afar, it is beast!

The class suffers from reload times, so it is suggested to stay in a wide area and play it safe while reloading. The SPAS-24 will be your go-to weapon if you're in a sticky situation, the Lamentation if you run out of ammo for the H115, or used from a medium distance to take out zombies, and the H115 should be used from long distance. H115 and SPAS should be used on groups, far and close respectively, while the Lamentation could be used for this or also single zombies.

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Guest BlindBusDrivr






Speed Cola

Stamin Up


I got this combo yesterday from the box and found it was working really well, The Galil gets you the points and if you have a guy in your way and your gall is dry you can just whip out the Python and blow off his head! But speed cola is almost a necessity when using the revolver, but after that it's AMAZING.



any smg



Speed Cola

whatever else you like

This class is really fun if you get the L96 pap'd. It can OHK til around 20 and 25+ with headshots. Then you have your smg for points. If you can on this class get some special grenades for a distraction, the sniper is useful for picking off guys from a distance to help someone going for a revive.

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Guest TroubledTurkey

Where can I use this?

-Solo or Co-Op, Moon Specific. (Co-Op is generally "Easier" for this, but Solo is not exactly "Hard")


-Double Tap


-Mule KIck

-Stamin Up



-Tokyo and Rose


-Semxtex or Frags (Doesnt matter. I use Semtex)

-Gersch or QED (Gersch is more dependable. QED is more FUN!)

Just a beast loadout for Moon if you are doing a Tunnel Kite Run in Solo (or just in a tunnel during Co-Op). Ammo should never become a worry, and the weapons listed are the most powerful Wall Weapons available (MNesia FTW!) Gersch Devides for trick moments, or QEDs to "spice things up a bit". This shakes things up on Solo Moon. Not just dome running...

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Guest TuUhmazyn

Where can I use this?

-Co-Op only



-Speed Cola


-Deadshot Daiquiri/PhD Flopper**


-EPC WIN (FN FAL Pack-A-Punched)* / Porters X2 Ray Gun**

-Krauss Refiblerator (PaP ballistic knife)*



So this would be my hipster class and I'll get to the asterisks in just a second. This may seem a bit odd but this is one of my favored classes to use when playing with 3 of my friends. My friends and I will usually go, as you might say, try hard in zombies and will assign roles to each person. I offer each time to be the medic and formally will use this class. Now the perks, Juggernog, not just for the bonus receivable hits, but also for those last seconds of the revival bar where that one zombie might slip by and smack your face. Speed cola, just to reload faster, as I am unsure whether it affects the Krauss, completely optional and can be modulated with a different perk, but more necessary for the ray gun switch off later on. Now for Stamin-up. It allows you to run for a long time and I believe slightly faster, which is good for the larger maps, and you can reach your partners much quicker and have a much better chance of nailing them with the Krauss. This is also optional, but I recommend it. Now I'll explain the double asterisk before I go on. Usually weapons will lose there power at a certain level, as the EPC WIN will eventually do. At this point I will usually trade it off for the ray gun and PaP ASAP. At this point dead shot won't be all that necessary and I can hack it off (or down my self under safe conditions) and grab PhD. Dead hot has a lot of goodies, for example being steady aim and auto aiming for the head. This is an absolute beast with the FN FAL/EPC WIN, as it is already a powerful weapon. phD for the obvious fact of not downing your self with the ray gun.

Now for the weapons. The FN FAL, even without being upgraded, is really good, especially combined with auto headshot. It has a decent clip and ammo, and won't use that much as it's a single shot. It is very powerful and is a decent weapon even in the teen rounds. Now for the EPC WIN, it is a standard upgrade, but with the added bonus of going into the only 3 round burst PaP weapon and having a reflex sight. The 3 round burst adds 3 quick, powerful bullets into a zombie without spraying bullets and potentially losing ammo. Now the ballistic knife it's self gives the Bowie Knife/Sickle a 1 to 2 rounds of bonus 1 knife kills, and upgrades your knifing speed, making it a very powerful upgrade to the Bowie Knife/sickle. PaPed it gets more ejectable knives, and give you the ability to shoot knife revive people, making it a very, very useful weapon in the event someone goes down or your in a lobby with a bunch of people who go down a lot. I can't confirm this but I believe it runs just as fast as a pistol or SMG, so you can be a very useful medic in the event of a mass down. And obviously the ray gun is a wonder pistol, no explanation really needed.

I like it cause it also gives you a way to kill a horde quickly but still get those 130s on insta kill.

Final notes

* may be misspelled or wrong word used.

** as some point in the game this item will replace the item before it.

Some statistical information can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=9270

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Guest xFaTaLx RaMpAgE

Where can I use this?

- Co-Op only



-Mule Kick

-Speed Cola

-Flopper if available, otherwise Stamin-up, if not that then QR if you really want a fourth perk


-Mustang & Sally

-Krauss Refibrillator w/ Bowie or Sickle

-Awful Lawton

-Claymores/ Spikemores

-Monkeys/ Black Holes

After reading this you are probably asking yourself how are you supposed to kill any zombies with this set-up. However strange this seems, especially on a map without flopper, it works extremely well. This class is best used in 4 player games and is even better with randoms. With this set-up think of yourself as the medic or the person "running support kill-streaks." You aren't going to be getting nearly as many kills, but you won't be dying and will keep the team alive.

This set-up works the best on FIVE out of all the maps. While the rest of your team is running around, you will be sitting up-stairs in the spawn room elevator. Most zombies will go to your teammates so you can easily kill them with the Krauss or M&S. Also make sure you put your claymores/spikemores down each round to help save your ammo and get extra kills.

You are basically waiting here for someone to get downed. If someone gets downed in the war room, take the elevator down. If they are in the basement take the teleporter down. If timed properly you really won't see too many zombies. If they are an issue shoot an awful lawton bolt or chuck a monkey. You can easily get them back up with the Krauss. Make sure the other player can get jugg safely before you desert him and make sure to pick up your knife!

If nobody is going down and everything is running smoothly you can help out your teammate in the war room by killing his entire horde with the Mustang and Sally. When the thief comes blast him with M&S and get your team a bonfire sale. Make sure he doesn't take any of your guns; if he does make sure you kill him so you get it back. I used this to help my team get to round 30 and get a personal record of 67 revives!

However, this does not work only on FIVE, but on every map. I have sucessfully used this on Der-Riese, Shangri-La, and Kino Der Toten. Just go to where there are less zombies and wait for someone to go down, only killing every once in a while with Mustang and Sally to conserve ammo. So now you see that this class setup can work quite well. You can help your teammates out in Multiple ways, and help your team get farther. I will also add that it is quite enjoyable to do this.

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