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Most difficult maps?

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Guest Rissole25

From easiest to hardest IMO:






Der Riese





It would probably be slightly different if there were other people playing. I find Shangri-La and Verruckt about the same, but put it first because it has a stable wonder-weapon while Verruckt doesn't.

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Guest Superhands

My list from hard to easy, I've colour coded them, red being tough, yellow being moderate and green being easy. The yellow ones aren't particularly in order, couldn't really decide on a definate order to put them in:

Nacht - Only hard because of the lack of perks, some pretty nice kiting areas all over the map and this would be in the middle somewhere if it had perks.

Shangri-La - Despite reaching some high rounds on this map, just hate the fact that all of the areas are so tight.

Shi No Numa - Pretty easy, nicely placed traps and some nice kiting spots.

COTD - Still pretty easy IMO, having George around and the lack of traps is why I put it here.

Verruckt - A tight map but once you get to know the map and have a good strategy down it becomes a lot easier, particularly in solo.

FIVE - One of the easier maps IMO, probably because I know it so well. Similar to Verruckt, hard at first but becomes easy with practice.

Der Riese - The only thing that stops Der Riese from being within the 3 easiest is mid-round dogs, they're a real pain in the ass and pretty much the only cause of my downs. Traps and wall weapons are so well positioned.

Kino - Plenty of loops to pick from varying in difficulty and speed, having the Thundergun in hand makes things extra safe. Traps also nicely positioned.

Moon - Slightly trickier than Ascension because of the extra challenges thrown in, but overall very easy and being able to get a Max Ammo basically on demand makes solo play even easier.

Ascension - Very rarely go down on this map, always disappointed with myself if I go down more than once in a 30+ co-op game :lol: .

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Guest Superhands

I cry if I go down before 50. :lol:

Think I would too if I was actally playing with some really good players, just seems like it's okay for me to have gone down once since everyone else has gone down over 5 times :lol:

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1. Nacht - No jug.

2. Shangri-La - Pretty intense areas. Imho only 2 safe running spots. But i like the map.

3. FIVE - No Wondergun, hard to use traps, and Thief. Only one awesome area to circle. But i like the map.

4. Verruckt - Like Shangri La, but easier as it. On the other hand no Pap and no (awesome) Wondergun in here. But awesome traps.

5. Shi No Numa - Slow swamp, random perks and no pap, but I just got the hang on the map.

6. Kino - No PHD and not all running spots are safe.

7. Der Riese - Like Kino.

8. Moon - No easy availability of jug (especially in random games), annoying Astro (especially when moonwalking), unpredictable QED (also from others), sometimes risky excavators hacks, no ability to revive downed guys outside safely with hacker, and finally the erratic crawlers. On the other hand unlimited ammo and super easy running spots.

9. COTD - Awesome running spots.

10. Ascension - Pretty much all situations, no matter what happens, are easy to survive.

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