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What will happen to JD tag?

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Guest XxJason LivesxX

They may still use it. I could be a reference to Dr. J. M. Delgado whom many believe to be "the Mexican" test subject Rich mentions in the COTD tapes. Dr. Delgado was also heavily involved in behavior modification through radio stimulation IE; Mind Control!?!? :shock: add that to the Radio tower image found in the files, the Kino tower and recordings, the Nacht loading screen, the MKUltra connection in BLOPS and I think we may have an idea of what the future of zombies holds....


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Guest i am richtofen

Or it could just be a simple reference to the Treyarch community manager JD_2020. You know kinda like how the Pack-a-Punched Ray Gun and Wave Gun are named after Max Porter one of the developers at Treyarch. Or how the wonder waffle DG-3 JZ is a reference to Jimmy Zielinski (hope i spelled that right) another developer at Treyarch.

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Guest XxJason LivesxX

lol I guess I worded my answer weird. I know the JD tag is for JD_2020.

I mean they could still use the JD tags in further maps and justify it by the connection to the zombie back story. (J. Delgado's signature is on poster/chart on COTD)

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This may be a silly question, but I am curious to know.

When you have an app in appstore and if you want to update it with new levels , rectified bugs etc,

What will happen when the user do the upgrade?

How the unlocked levels and high scores are preserved?

How an earth does this have to do with anything?

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