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What is considered a glitch?

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There are many people these days who use glitches in games to do well. However, many of these people may not consider themselves glitchers. Take this video for example; would you consider this a glitch?


I would say that is a glitch using my definition of a glitch. My definition of a glitch is something that anyone, regardless of skill level, can use to do something they would otherwise be unable to do. So here is what I want to know- what is generally thought of as a glitch versus something legit?

P.s. Go to 0:39 his teammate gets a little excited :o:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: :o

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Guest yellow-card8

Well a glitch is a malfunction, or a technical problem in which is not supposed to be there, so yeah, theres the defintion of glitch :)

Regards Yellow-card8

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Guest A Drunk Soviet

Glitches are things that you are not supposed to be able to do, the video you show is more like a combination of AI flaws and map layout so it is in some ways a glitch.

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Guest iB Proto

I personally think that the definition of a glitch is something that wasn't intended to be there by the development team, what is seen in the video seems like a loophole in the system so they won't attack you when they get behind the wall, it is in the coding to be like that so some people may say that's how they wanted it to be so I guess you can say that my definition is wrong.

How about this; A glitch is:

"Something the development team would tell you there game was not suppose to work like, Ex. what you saw in the video"

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That's no glitch using in the video. They just make use of the properties of that game, and they follow all rules inside the game.

The enemy comes in, they shoot, the enemy gets stunned, so the front man is more or less safe. The other guy is behind perfect cover. If the front man dies, he revives him, all legit. Unreal like sh*t, but legit imho.

Now, what you do in a game is, you always use the properties for your own need. In zombies, you run circles, because the zombies are so dumb. You could say, you go insanely far with kiting, and you wouldn't otherwise, so kiting is glitching :roll:

A glitch is the abuse of coding and do some actions, that are not meant to be done by the developers. But in survival, they want the enemy getting stunned when shot, they want you to revive your mate, they want you to go behind cover, and they want enemies to walk into the player's line of fire, because they were too lazy to make proper, own survival maps.

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Guest selectyeti89

Glitches are something not intended to be in the game, being legit is a little different though. for example you can get outside the map on verruckt through a glitch but you can run circles out there and get to a high round with a legit running strategy, just using a glitch to get out there. You can also do the "magic window" on der riese and that is a actual strategy not even a glitch just taking advantage of the black ops spawns. I dont do that or other glitches because I dont see glitchers as glitchers I see them as cheaters.

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