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Official Solo & Co-Op Leaderboards Challenge/Rankings

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Hello all, my name is Ehjookayted AKA EyeCntSpel, for those of who don't know. I write zombies guides for CODZ, but I also like to work on the occasional project for the community. I'm sure you have read my Call to Arms and The Last Days on here. Zombies may have lost some of it's flavor. In order to spice it up, it's time for a leaderboard with rewards and challenges. My friends way2g00 and ChopperNator have expressed solo interest.

There was a previous thread concerning leaderboards as motivation. Sadly, it got locked. If we want to ensure that our friends here continue to strive for a challenge.

Here's the deal. The good nature of the challenge can be just pure competition and respect. However, you can enter a challenge with brains as a prize. If you wish to commit to the brains challenge, proof (picture and maybe video is required) is needed. Furthermore, you are on your own honor to give brains to whoever wins the challenge. For example, if I entered a challenge with 7 others (so 8 in total) to get to 250 No Man's Land kills in under 9 minutes, the winner would get 70 brains, one from each participant.

If you wish to take part in this challenge, please submit proof. What proof do I need to show, you ask?


-If you make it to 40+ on any map, you must show a screenshot in game, as well as your death screen.

-If you make it past 75 on any map, you must show at least 2 minutes of video proof. Quality does not matter, as long as we can see the round number clearly.

-If you make it past 100 on any map, you must show at least 10 minutes of video proof. Quality does not matter, once again.

-If you claim 125+ on any map, you must show 30 minutes of video proof. Quality matters. We must see the scoreboard multiple times as well view your perks, weapons and map.

-For No Man's Land, since there is a leaderboard, a picture of that will be acceptable. However, if you claim over 330 kills, video proof is required. How long of video? Only about a minute is necessary.

-For No Man's Land, if you claim the world record, 351+ kills, we need to see the entire game.

-If you are entering a round less than 40, or a kills score less than 200 (without proof), that will not be an issue as long as you have 100 posts or 50 reputation points.

-If you are entering a score greater than 50, but less than 60, as well as kills less than 300 (without proof), that will not be an issue with 200+ posts and 150+ reputation points.

-Finally, a score over 45 on Nacht der Untoten must have complete video proof, as that would be approaching the world record.


-For any round below 40, only the leaderboards score shot will be neccessary.

-For any round below 50, the death screen will suffice.

-For a round above 50, a short video, less than 5 minutes will be alright.

-For a round above 75, at least 30 minutes should be shown.

At the end of every month, the leaderboards will be reviewed, and anyone who has not been toppled, should be rewarded brains. Example: ChopperNator has not been beaten in No Man's Land kills for the 2nd month in a row. We should give him brains, as a reward.

The solo regulations are extremely flexible, if you are going for the non-challenge leaderboards. However, challenge leaderboards are exciting and should be shot for.

way2g00 has various challenges, which I am asking him to post here. I will make various edits to some, so people can compete for fun or brains, not the emblem. For time attack challenges, clearly the entire game must be seen.

When submitting your scores, let me know if you wish to compete in a challenge one day, or just the challenge leaderboard.

Last note: I know this seems like a lot, but here on CODZ, we are very good at zombie slaying, and if we were to claim all sorts of records without proof, our credibility would be annihilated. And besides, this is also a way for people to easily find good players. Don't get discouraged; a round 38 on some maps is very impressive to a lot of people. The big boys always want proof, so that's why these regulations are in place. Don't be fooled; these rules aren't for holding you back, they're for keeping us honest. Lastly... be competitive, be honest, be cool, and...

[center:xdh3aop6]Have fun![/center:xdh3aop6]

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Guest way2g00

1. Highest round with no downs

2. Most head shots in a game

3. Quickest to get to round 30

4. Highest round without Juggernaut

5. No Man’s Land: Most kills

6. Quickest Round to get all perks in COTD

7. Quickest Round to get All 8 perks in Shangri La without doing EE

8. Highest Round In COTD – solo only

9. Highest Round In Shangri La - solo only

10. Top High score any map - solo only

11. Most rounds with no doors opened – Ascension

12. Most rounds with no doors opened – Call of the dead

13. Most rounds with no doors opened – Shangri La

14. Most rounds without using mystery box

15. Most rounds without turning on the power

16. Most rounds using only below items to kill zombies, No PAP

a. Knife, sickle only.

b. Knife, pistol and Grenades

c. Knife, pistol, grenades, traps

d. Shotguns only

e. Handguns only (Ex: CZ75, python, not Ray Gun)

f. Explosive weapons only including Grenades but no pistol.

g. Everything but wall guns.

h. Wall guns only.

i. No drops, no knifing.

NEW TOURNY - Quickest to get to Round 50 on all maps (To be edited)

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Guest ChopperNator

On top of this we have been discussing having some weekly open challenges.

Random each time, example of 1st challenge would be Reach round 20 with the least number of kills. You would have a week to submit a picture of your screenshot with relevant challenge info and a newspaper from the period as proof.

Each week there would be one member not able to take part, all submissions would go to him or her.

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Guest Ehjookayted

They could all go to me for a while. Like I said, I won't be playing zombies for about a month. *tear* but thanks for being on this, guys! Once this gets rolling, people should flood the area!

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Guest Team_Damian

hey way2g00 what's the requirements for those challenges? i'm up for having a go at a few of them but all i've got is my phone camera, and it doesn't exactly record for very long :/

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Guest way2g00

Damian, I don't think you need to record all challenges but read what EYE/Chopper said about the proof submission on the original post.

Hope it helps.

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Guest Ehjookayted

I'll keep editing it to say *New Challenge Posted x* with x being the date the challenge is going on.

Damian, see the initial post. If that doesn't answer your question, I'd be happy to help! :)

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Guest way2g00

In order to keep this section clean I think we need to maintain just one thread for these challenges. We can always change the title to say what we changed and where to look.

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Guest Ehjookayted

Submissions are now open! To make my life easier, only standard rounds as well as No Man's Land kills will be accepted. This is for the generic leaderboard, could be developed into the challenge leaderboard. Feel free to submit.

My entries are 50 on Ascension (co-op), 48 on Kino (solo), as well as 295 No Man's Land kills.

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Guest xFaTaLx RaMpAgE

Aww death screen must suffice for under 50 co-op? I made it to 46 on ascension but maybe there could be an exception due to it being super-easy?

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Guest Ehjookayted

Taking into account who you are, and that you do record your Dead Ops Gameplay, I will accept just the screenshot of the leaderboard for your 46 on Ascension.


Only 1 hour till I can give you brains, Fatal!

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Guest xFaTaLx RaMpAgE

Lol on the brains. I would also like to submit co-op five (round 30) and Dead Ops (Round 96). I will get you the and screenshots gameplay either Friday or next week if I don't get into a game until next week. (We WILL get round 99!)

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Guest Ehjookayted


You only want what's after the equal sign. You end up with this:


Thanks to DeckChairsFTW for this explanation as well as CovertGunman.

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Guest SupaDupaScrub

ok hope i did this right


if i need more video proof lemme know cause i took short lil clips every few rounds while i had a crawler

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