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Fariko Zomb

Space Monkeys Dont Take Mule Kick?

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So im not sure if anyone is aware of this but i hate Mule Kick personally on Ascension so i dont useually buy it. The problem is lately when i get my free perk on my first Monkey Round its been Mule Kick. So of course ive tried several times to get the monkeys to take it but they wont. Is this because of the Mule Kick Hotfix? When they put it in evey map?

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They never take it for me  :mellow: I litteraly go to the point where i let them take every perk except Mule Kick and run away. Oh well not a big deal just wondering if anyone knew about this.

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They only take Perks that you have opened the path to, so if you are awarded a Perk via Random Perk Bottle that you haven't opened the path to, they won't attack it. Once you have opened the path to Mulekick, they can take it - I can assure you, as it costs me 5,000 points every Space Monkey round to replace my [Third Weapon] MP5K lol!

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Just got a 60 on Ascension and on round 38 i got Mule Kick again as my 5th perk for free. So next monkey round rolls around and they actually took it! You were right i had to have that certin area open. Thank you for that tip. I had opened all the map up extra early because i wanted to see if it would work.

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