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Prince Lolz

The flesh and the minions

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Think back. WAAAY back. Remember Tranzit and Die Rise? They existed. 

We all kept hearing about the theory revolving around the flesh and the radio messages on the tv sets in the sweat shops. The flesh were a group of cannibalistic human beings who ate the flesh of zombies in a manner that can only be described as a ritual. Stu is an ex-member of the group, but thats not the main point of this... Richtofen's voice echoed through the minds of any person who ate the flesh. Now for once grief mode is story relevant, it said somewhere (please someone comment below where, but i KNOW it was said) that the two factions of grief were fighting because one half listened to maxis, and the other to richtofen. Thats the reason they ended up in the town of buried, following an echo of a voice that was long gone... these people listened to them, specifically the flesh. this is one transmission

 "Science has failed us. He has abandoned us. In this new world we alone are your salvation. We alone can light the way. Hear our words. Heed our call. There is but one path to enlightenment. Just as they would consume us, we must consume them. We are the living, and we are the dead. We are The Flesh and The Flesh is us. We will not starve; We will thrive."

The flesh followed the call of richtofen to a skyscraper in Shanghai. They set up base there, and the theory is, they tried to ascend and thrive. 

Think about chinese sweat shops. Mostly women, those of which who have no husband or are very poor, but one thing in particular stands out to me. Often times in china (not as much now but still) women who became pregnant illegitimately would turn to sweat shops for work. When the apocolypse happened the flesh arrived in the sweatshop that held the key to richtofens power (second pylon) and began to...experiment. The result was...this. 


Reader discretion is advised at this point. The radios talk about some failed experiments, they were trying to ascend from darkness as they put it. One way i might put it is that they overdosed on zombie flesh and mutated into these creatures...but i think that there is more to it than that.

Blood transfusion, is the only way they could 'replace' all of their blood with that of a zombie. But I don't think it was themselves they were after. Does that minion body look like that of a grown adult? No... I believe they targeted the children. The children with lots of growing to do, and DNA to alter. More specifically, the newly born or even...unborn ones. Die rise takes place in a sweatshop, which as mentioned before would have a nice stock of pregnant women and young children, safe from zombies due to the high up structure. A perfect place to do their twisted experiments, right on top of the rift as a bonus.


Crazy theory with little evidence to back it up time. The flesh did makeshift blood transfusions of the newborn, and still fetal state children of the women in the sweatshop, hoping to ascend humanity. Obviously that wasnt the case. The childrens bodies warped and grew into a creature that as has been stated by our characters, could never have been human. The thing growing inside many of these women ripped out of the womb, killing their mothers in the process, not that they really cared. They were mindless creatures now, not infants. The flesh attempted to care for and clothe their "glorious creation" but after a little more growing, they became the creatures we know see, and they killed everyone in the tower. The worst part of all? They willingly accepted it, as they viewed it as transcendence. 

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People were also saying the nova crawlers were monkeys back in Black Ops. That one makes more sense because we do have the clothed monkeys in Ascension. This theory though and yours still don't make sense to me though. 

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It's... sensible, really.

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