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COD: 2015: AKA Protagonist

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Many people have seen my zombies idea for the next trayarch game, so, working a bit outside my own relative field here, Ive decided to extend to a Campaign mode too. As well as a new multilayer storyline as well.

Likewise I should mention this story allows for the ability of Co-Op controls, where players are free to choose any character at will, with up to three friends. If another character isn't available, the remaining players will be assigned control of a rouge AI solder

Ok so this story revolves around four different playable individuals:
Rita Klark - British Ops
Victor Weston- Japaneese Ops
Sene Hawland- German Ops
Captain Foss- American Ops


Each of these characters plays a specific roll in the progression of this game. You will often be prompted to swap between characters to get by certain parts. Or your friends, who can play the camp. with you and control different characters will be needed to play their parts to continue. 

February 28th 2043: Advancements in technology have allowed men to dig further into the earth then ever before. This has led to the discovery of Jaspinite by Germany: A special liquid capable of huge advancements in technology, as it's surplus of electrons cause it to be in link with that of the god particle: The fabric of reality it's self.

October 9th 2044: Four hundred gallons of raw Jaspinite hijacked in transit via jumbo jet between Germany and Britain. It crash lands onto French soil.

October 10th 2044: Northern france is now coated in jaspinite particles. Only 86 gallons are recovered.

January 13th 2046: One group of china now holds the most deadly weapon in human discovery: The dia-nuke bomb. The bomb is quickly taken to Antarctica under heavy guard of all the nations. It's use of jasponite are attuned to bring forth a rift of an ice age, potentially freezing a continent.

September 22nd 2048: The DNB is detonated by a group of terrorist who belong to no nation. Before it is launched it is overtaken by pilot: James Howard: American, who manages to detonate the nuke in the mid-atlantic. Flash freezing the atlantic up to a mile and a half down, but saving millions of lives.

August 15th 2050: Most of america is in deep freeze. British countries as well. Dominant power of humanity falls to that of india, russia, and China. Terrorist now rule india, and have a firm grip on china. Panicked civilians surround the earth. Intel is sent to america describing the production of war is being held in india.

August 16th 2050: Captain foss's team is deployed to scope the premises of the meeting. Gerald Green is sent as the American ambassador. Gerald Green was shot on site. Along with most of foss's team. He too was shot, however he survived and awoke at the mercy of a british Special ops leader: Rita Klark.



"And just, who, the hell are you?"
-gasps- "Captain foss" "You?"
Klark, I assume you were sent to guard Mr. Green? Well I'm sorry but it appears the revolver in the dining room joke can actually be made now.
Gah... Who.. who made it?
No one, not anyone in your whole force, save you. Damn good thing too. The gunshots fired alerted our regimens. We only injured two…
Fantastic... ___ You!
When you're done crying over your bullet grazes, get up, I need you alive...


After escaping the facility, the two discover that the Indian government has struck a deal with the Russians, and many parts of Europe.

Returning to the british grounds, the plane lands atop the water along the white cliffs of dover. The ocean is frozen over, a short walk reveals an ice bunker and the agent's HQ. With contact with the US taken care of, the next mission drives you to the front lines of the approaching dawn of war: France. "Intel states that this is the first country of invasion. God knows why, but we figured the best place to stop their army would be by stopping whatever it is they're trying to take.



Obviously things do not go as planned, the two end up captured. They awake to a shadowy figure who has tied them to a chair.


;Oooooooooohhhhh!Hello Noose, and you too blade… PLEASANT to meet you…. Tied up I mean; Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Dr. Alka This little group is my cavalry and just LOOK at what we accomplished! We froze the world, we developed a new ERA of world war and soon, We will wipe the world clean of the boredom of humanity.

What are you planing you sick psychopath?

You think I'm crazy? Ohhh you'll be surprised how right you are! But in a world where society is so desperate for leadership that I become a dictator&hellip; That's just as mad! HAHa!&quot; ( Casually shoots both the guards) "he-he! OH i see the FEAR in you eyes, because you know exactly what you're dealing with! now, Take this, *Places revolver into your hand* "and come on, the night is young and I'M about to get away!"</p>

The two of you track Dr. Alka all the way back across the battle field to the weapon's research facility, where the missile is supposedly held.&nbsp;</p>

Oh! you're just a tad bit late to catch me... Hmm.. Pity, OH WELL! have fun with the consolation super weapon sharp-y!  *Disappears into a large flash of light



after the missile is defused through team work between you two, you're interrupted by the Japanese, who describe the machine in production was not, in fact, a nuke.

Victor: hello... You are the so-called elite squad yes?


(bla bla bla introductions)

V.-The device you just armed was not a nuke sir, it was a prototype jaspirium manipulator. One by design of a military tactician in germany. It's properties of manipulation stop not only at space manipulation, but the ability to travel further then the worlds we know...


F: You said there was a german guy who built this?

V:One by the name of ah, Sene Hawland. currently imprisoned in a german work camp in China.



The next phase will truly bring out the element of the game, as it will allow you to take view of the front team, run by Victor, the tactical team, run by rita and foss, or even the internal escape riots, formulated by Dr. Hawland.


As it appears, Vector is victim of the rift, and those playing as him will actually get to see none other then resnov's escape appear out of a rift, apparently moments after the events of vorkutta but before his death,mason is on the floor, but he is quickly dematerialized and flashes back into the past before trying to kill the two. Those playing as rita and foss will infiltrate the base and rescue Hawland shortly after he has been re-captured by a turncoat german. The three will meet up with Vector shortly after, and become cornered by the world's coolest looking spider-tanks and about 40 men.

This will cue a cutscene where the four surrender. All will look bleak until the camera zooms out, showing a particular burned hand firmly grasping a remote with a large red button looking through a tv screen.


Come on!; Just a few more steps! Bit to the left ya four-eye-bas.. Ah HA BINGO! Thus he pushes the button and a rift appears around the four.


The four then appear in a city, in the desert, surrounded by stormy weather.

Rita: Looks like the madman's power is also his bane
Hawland: Ah yes... Thank you.. Now. Who the hell are you?

Foss: Not the damn terrorist, that good enough for you?

H: Fantastic...
V: Foss... We have a problem...;. I've discovered our location...

Rita: Get down!
*Massive Tank-like robot roams by*

V: We're in libia, tripoli. ...Most deadly city in the world. The whole area in a 200 mile radius is blockaded off by their own government&hellip; Those with a death penalty go in.. None come out.. We're seen in here we'll be shot on site.
H: Of course... Why not?
R: We don't really have a choice here do we? We'll have to be lifted from the air, our best shot would be the tower of infamy, a .7 mile climb, and the nest of the cult of the forgotten.
*(Vortex appears, bringing forth weapons and tools)
F: What the hell….
(On a note):From your friend Alka


R: Why would he send us tools and weapons?


H: To give us false hope, thats what he'd do to my fellow men. He would leave the door open... Freedom to whomever tried it...; No gunmen, no anything... Just you.. A door.. and the minefield on the other side.... I tried once... Me an me brother.. i saw him get blown to pieces... right in front of me... I don't know what saved me. I should have died in the explosion with him. But somehow I ended up being dragged back to the factory by the bastard himself...

V: Regardless, these tools are our best shot at freedom, we'll reunite in the basement of the tower, keep the boy alive Rita, I'm taking the german.


Now, two teams, one of rita and foss entering the city through the city's lower ground, discussed as new prisoners, their main objective is stealth, meanwhile another team of V and H will move across the roofs, while their threat of being found out is much lesser, they also have to look out for planes and snipers.


Along the way ross stumbles upon two kids fighting over a old C4 detonator, it has no recipient, but he takes it none the less. Hawland will stumble through a building into a sewer and be separated from victor at one point. He will then discover the city is laced with Jasperium bombs all through the sewers. All linked up to the tower of infamy.


The group will reunite inside the tower's basement as planned. Hawland will reveal his information and thus, he and Rita will embark on a secondary route up to the control tower whilst foss and victor work on activating the central elevator and getting to a coms. station. All will go as planned, where Hawland finds and downloads information on Jasperium and what properties have been discovered by others.


Foss and victor will get the main elevator working, and become witness to a meeting. An old man with a hook hand and a massive slash down his arms talks of freeing the binds of hell with the help of the good doctor Alka., setting to be activated at noon.


Meeting back on the elevator, it's stopped and the four are forced to fight their way up to the top of the building, here four &quot;guardians&quot; will be activated keeping the four at bay and disabling their weapons, Foss will challenge the old man, known now as codename; Tint. ;The two will go to blows, however foss will fall when hit with an iron rod. Victor will intervene, and rita will go for her weapons, however, haw land will realize what's going on and tackle foss into rita and victor just as another rift appears.


A cutscene will reveal tint escaping through a rift strait to alka and then the city caught in a massive rift-explosion relieving it of it's state in space and time.



The four will finally return to american headquarters. Here they will be briefed and haw land's data will be sent for study.
The president will then brief the four on the events of the "Bird 37" incident…"


"2049", bout half a year after the detonation of the jasperium bomb. Russia goes to blows with this group and threatens nuclear war. They might have bitten off a bit more then they can chew, as they got the first blast. This blast we kept confidential, as it was devastating to behold. It didn't just blow up, it vaporized, erased a whole chunk the size of the US. Everything from moscow to vorkuta, gone like that (snaps). Oddly enough the land changed, leaving behind sand and basic rocks, but buildings, plants, living things GONE!


The first thing we wondered is, of course, where'd it go?


Rita: Meaning...


Matter can only be transferred, not destroyed, and if the earth were to experience a massive loss of land like that we'd fall strait into the sun, so, our boys in the labs tell us that our missing country must still be on earth, and we've looked, and looked. And, two weeks ago, we finally found it.. Right under our noses, about a mile bellow it to be exact.


Howland: No...


Yes! A country, hidden under a mile of ice, preserved in the biggest dry-fishbowl known to man. The atlantic ocean. Reports say there's at least a thousand still living, however, we can not take the risk of breaking through the ice directly, as the pressure would kill the population within the hour. Our best shot is building an airlock, one that keeps their pressure in. However, even with these precautions, there's no way to safely evacuate the whole population. Our best bet is to rewire this jasper hullaballoo into a reverse-bomb that will bring the continent of russia back to where it should be. Boys downstairs say that will be in a matter of Weeks, I've already spoken with your factions. You four will need to be our detonation team.


Foss: And why us?


"You four are the only living beings to surpass a transfer, when that bomb goes off it's designed to send things with rift signature on it back to russia, we send in a normal team and they'd die upon detonation...



After being deployed, and making their way to the center point and setting the bomb a whole new issue comes forth: Russians do not want another bomb being set off, so their military comes in, threatening tanks and foot solders.


Defend the bomb until it detonates, pulling the whole country with it. However when your team pops through, you end up at the feet of Alka and Tint.


Perfect, russia's back in place, I have you four, and the eclipse is upon us! Now tint could you be a dear and start the preparations for... Gulp! (Tint grabs alma's throat)


"I do not take orders from weaklings"


Come on do it! I want to see you kill me! End the madness right here! Right now!


(Slams him against the ground) *Pulls out pistol, but Alka rift-teleports before being shot.


T: Secure the device, this madman is not to be allowed to run in my facility! Take these four to the chambers, kill the girl on camera for all the world to see.


While three are taken to the chamber in one elevator, doctor Howland manages to subdue his captor in a separate elevator and begins looking for a way to free the others. Along the way he's met at gunpoint with doctor alka


Ah! Yes the key! Most of this story plays out in your hands you know... You can open the path to infinity, or lock it from all mankind. Now... What is the steam sequence?


I don't understand... What is a steam sequin...


Don't play games now! This is serious! The sequence if you will!


At this point another player playing as someone else will begin seeing flashes of different time periods and sections of history. Those playing as Howland will see flashes of the future and a dead body which is never seen, and a flash frozen scene of himself, foss, victor, rita, and tint's men fighting upon the burning city of London. In the wind technology flies apart, and bits of a screen fly at howland, just as five words appear on the screen before it shatters... The other players will see the same message in a different way...


"Good men forget the rules" That's the code…Isn't it... That's the sequence


Is it now? Ho ho! Thank you Sene, you've just saved the human race, he pushes a button flashing howland strait to the location of foss and victor just in time for him to draw the fire, kill the captors, and release the two from their binds.


The three attempt to save rita just before her captives are shown on Public TV. These executions symbolize the era of war upon us all. You pathetic leaders of past will fall to the greatness of the new. We can not be out gunned (removes the bag of the first victim, then shoots him), we can not be out manned (does the same to the second). And we have been…. (Removes hood revealing alka where rita was supposed to be) "Out witted?"


The executioner is taken back and when he turn to look for guidance from the other guard he is killed by alka, who begins a long and boring speech.


Foss and the others then find the real rita in a closet.


"Rita: this doesn't make sense.. Why should he be so interested in warning the world?"


V: He has no reason to...


H: He doesn't have a reason for anything...


V: Howland, When you saved us you appeared in a rift, who sent you to us..


H: Ha.. Him!..


F: And why'd he do that?


H: Something about some "steam sequence"


R: Never heard of it...

H; He sure seemed happy with it.

V: How did you know what it was?

H: It appeared to me in a sort of reality-dream... Of burning london. I didn't understand it at first, but a single phrase kept appearing over and over..
(All): "Good men forget the rules"
H: ? You too?

V: Yeah...

R: So, he has some code now, but what does he plan to do with it?



(Players playing as foss will start seeing memories of earlier adventures, ps these lines aren't in the work above... )
Green: "All it takes is one word to change a country"
president: Our natural way of life is at the breaking point.
reporter: "The virus has spread to over a thousand men and women world wide and depicts symptoms of memory loss and fatigue"

Tint: I will never serve you...

(some pics of files labeled "Project Mason"
Alka: I don't care about sympathy I want respect!
Reporter: Oddly enough no children have been effected by the virus..
Rita: Wake up...
Howland: Wake up...
Victor: Wake up...
Foss: (in reality) wake up...


Rita: What...?
Foss: That's what he's doing.. Thats why he needs the public audience!
Victor: Wake up from what?


Foss: That's what he's been doing.. Hundreds of men and women, but no children suffer from a "virus" all over the world? With only symptoms of memory loss and fatigue. They're not sick they're sleeping time bombs.
Howland: No...


Victor: What?
F: Hundreds of people all over the US are sleeper agents right now, one little activation code away from becoming psycho slaves to the terrorist.
R: Good men forget the rules...
F: Exactly!
V: We need to stop that broadcast now!


The four venture forth to the main broadcast station, take out the guards and shut down the broadcast.


A: Hey hey hey! Why.. What are you doing?!?


F: We know about the sleeper agents doctor, and If you'd come with us...


A: NO! YOU FOOLS! I'm not activating the sleepers!

V: Shut up and lets go!
A: I am agent eagle Sargent!
V: What?. How do you?
A: I'm the double agent!
F: Who's agent eagle?
V: A spy sent into the the terrorist group, head of my division.
R: He's one of us?
A: TINT, TINT's the guy you want. This is all going to his plan! I thought I could stop him...
F: We should get him back for questioning.


A: By then it would be too late.. Project diesel he called it...; The terrorist that attacked the seas years ago, it was led by him. By that damn tint... My device... My glorious save-your ass teleporter was going to save hundreds of lives in battle... Then they came, never removed my mask save you, just shot me through an unprotected portal run off chamber... There I saw the future...; An unbeatable war, against an army of robotic men and women... Once I returned to the present, I landed in asia, I found the organization and rose through the ranks. I maintained loyalty with the head of japan, ensuring my support. To avoid suspicion, and out of my own anger, I brought tint, leader of the organization back to here. I would then crush every ounce of effort he ever created by activating the steam sequence, a back up plan put inside every sleeper that came through to me, upon activation, people would fail to obey the code phrase. The code was lost, so I needed Howland there… To channel the code… 



V: It appears doc crazy's story checks out… 

R: So what do we do now… 

A: Nothing… i've seen the future… And studied every way to prevent it… We'd need a miracle now, and then some… 

F: Can't we just broadcast the steam code? 

H: Nein, the broadcast wasn't a code word as we thought, it was an electromagnetic bend. A shift in the polar activity around the earth. 

A: Bingo… The only computer with the knowledge of the EXACT way the field to be shifted was the one you destroyed… 



F: So what are our problems? 

R: We need a way to find out what the shift would have been, and we need a way to shift the field, something that would take our own months to build. 

A: By then it would be too late… 

H: we could hijack their's… 

V: We'd need the location… and the man power… 

A: I don't even know the facility Tint keeps the final project hidden at… Could be anywhere.. 

F: so It'd be like trying to find a cricket in a field of locus… 


R: Wait a minute…. Project locus….  PROJECT LOCUS, the moon expedition. 

F: The what now? 

R: Shortly after the atlantic froze, the british government finalized a deal with the UN, to build a bace on the surface of the moon. It was abandoned after solar flares damaged the environmental system 

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