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Gondola strategy is superior

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This is probably my favorite spot if I decide to camp by myself or with other people. The fact that you can easily escape makes it very safe if you get over run. Some people could debate me that the docks (next to box spawn) is better but you might as well call it ass fuck alley if you get over run. Unless you've been oiled up, there's a slim chance of sliding between 20+ zombies upstream.

Another good spot would be in the citadel tunnels if the gate behind hasn't been open. There's a lot of space and you quickly bail out but depending on the round, it may be hard to find another spot if you have Zombies spawning on top of you. Also, you can't turn back and re-lock the door to make it a viable camping position unlike the Gondola where you can just call it as many times as you please.

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I've tried just about every single camping spot on Mob Of The Dead. And the only one that really interests me would be standing at the gate opposite of Jugg. If you don't open the gate to the left, it is a pretty handy spot up until the late 20's.

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If you can leave both gates closed, by jugger and the other two.

Then you have 1 window and every one else on the hall.

Solo, i camp opposite jugger until overrun. Then i open that gate and circle that area or i run through the main map.

When opened, start at bottom of ramp/incline. Fight, back towards jugger, when they come from behind, head towards jugger, fire the green gun by jugger so the narrow path past it is safe. Drop down when the zombies catch up. Go into the door and stay left as you walk through so the zombies pool up in the middle. Go back to bottom of incline, start over.

I did 42 solo with this strategy.

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