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The Running Man Glitch!!!!

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Sooo last night I had an hour to kill so I decided to play a round of town grief, match started out out pretty good for me, got the knucks on round 5ish and just started going ham until round 10. Then something very strange happened. Something changed with the way I moved it was almost as if I was doing the running man in place, I could still walk but when I sprinted it was showing the animation as if I was running but was moving at the pace of crawling while prone. Well I didn’t have a down yet but both teams were constantly dying so I waited until towards the end of round 13 to kill myself to try and fix the glitched out mechanics. Go figure the rest of my team ended up dying that round. The good news is the other team did too, I came back glitch went away, kept all my guns and we ended up winning. I am going to upload the theater video tonight. It was pretty funny stuff watching my guy sprint and just move very slowly lol.

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you grabbed the meat - someone stitched you up big time - look at the thread 'a thrown zombie meat can be caught'. in the replay you'll see a meat was chucked by someone else as you were knifing and a screen message went out to everyone saying 'player z grabbed the meat'. Didnt realise a round restart cured it i thought you had to respawn but its probably the same difference, lucky for you thoughas you kept your knuckles ;)

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Round restart doesn't cure it. But it's a glitch, so perhaps you got unglitched. The catching a meat thing, as discovered by BinSys, is quite a novelty. However, it glitches 100% of the time, making it useless.

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Well I layed down in the lava and then bled out, when the round restarted I was back to normal. It was fun though running in place lol

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