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Perms Perks: The 'Cash-back' Perk

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Hi guys,

Did we ever get to the bottom of how this is obtained?

I ask only because I was playing TRANZIT this afternoon and as a rule of thumb I always go prone next to QR just to see if I get it and I did (only for the 2nd time ever though).

I didn't take note of stats when I got it the first time, but this time when I got it, the following was my figures before starting the game:

Kills: 46,381

Downs: 659

Perks Drank: 579

So on my 580th perk drank and going prone, I got it. I know someone said once you lose it you have to drink 100 more perks, but I never saw any proof of this so don't know if its valid.

Any info guys?

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This is the discussion post http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=29571&hilit=Cash+Back

basically after you lose it you have to drink about 50-60 perks. 40 normal and then about 15-20 going prone. I lost my while getting quick revive in whos who. I had it for the longest time. And when I bought quick revive I was in a hurry and didn't know I had to go prone while in whos who mode and now i don't even try.

but to answer your question. no we did not get a final answer just an estimate.

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Thanks for the reply dude.

I'll try to take a not of my stats when I lose it to when I get it again. It's pretty handy in solo as you gain 500 points for buying QR, which goes without saying, is handy when first setting up.

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