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Mob of the dead control

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One of the major questions that have been pressing the forums has beeen the issue of who is in control of the zombies before Samantha Maxis or Richtofen did. However, I doubt anyone is in control of the zombies. The only other time that zombie eyes have been red was dead ops arcade, which some people same is not part of the storyline. I do agree with them, as it proves that no one controls the zombies. Also, in the mob of the dead trailer when Ray Liotta/Billy Handsome is introducing the characters on Finn O'leary's newspaper column it says "sickness hits hard in slums". This newpaper article shows that these zombies were merely "infected" with no control. I think it will be interesting to see if EMP grandes work or come back because Richtofen controls the zombies through electricity because the power has to be on to be able to hear him, and thus interrupting that electrical flow would "disconnect" the zombies.

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Okay, I have a few theories of the zombies. I would like to first point out that SOMEONE or SOMETHING has to be controlling them. As the Mobsters still can get drops, hear the voice from the drops, and someone has to summon Brutus. So the argument that no one does in unlikely.

THEORY ONE: Maybe, just maybe, the teleporters from Der Rise had sent someone back to the 1920-30's. Maybe an unintroduced character. Maybe Maxis himself. Maybe another unmentioned colleague. Or maybe even Samantha, when she was in control, had the ability to time travel. Her having the ability would explain why the perk machines are there, because she could have taken them back with her. (Except the Electric Cherry per which is the only perk that doesn't phase in and out, which may have been there originally.) However this doesn't explain why their eyes are changed.

THEORY TWO: Perhaps the zombie experiments went on before Nacht Der Untoten, and Dr. Maxis may have been friends with the Warden. Maxis may have been paying big money (compliments of Group 935) to have some experiments done on the inmates of Alcatraz. Of course Maxis himself couldn't be there in person, so the Unnamed Warden could have taken the zombie control for himself. (Brutus, based on attire, isn't the warden. He's likely a head guard, or riot guard.) This would in turn make the zombies eyes red, being its a new master.

THEORY THREE: in Die Rise, you hear of a "rift". As it seems, this could be a rift in time, a rift into an alternate universe, or a rift between Richtophen and Satan. The rift in time supports my first theory. The second rift though, to an alternate universe could lead to a whole other world and storyline of Zombies. Richtophen may want to try to control zombies among a span of universes. The mobsters being in the alternate one, resulting in red eyes. A rift between Richtophen and Satan, could mean Rich wants to control Satan's power, to become stronger, and omnicient. This would explain a lot of the more evil and dark features in Alcatraz. (E.g. The hanging bodies, the hellhound heads written in blood, the "666" that appears several times) He may have lost the battle and Satan controls the zombies, or won, and SatoRichtophen controls them. (Of course he would still need to travel back in time for this to make sense.)

These are just a few thoughts. We can't know for sure until new clues are discovered, or the next map. Hell, for all we know, it could be completely non-canon, and just a test for the new features.

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I'm not going to try to cover all the aspects, but here's just one point that brought me to who controls them, and why I'm confused that this is still up for discussion: when you grab a drop, you hear Samantha's voice. Doesn't that completely clear things up? Yes, their eyes are red, but that just might be Samantha being pissed off, because when she's in control they have yellow eyes, and quite possibly, the stronger / angrier Samantha gets, the more red the eyes become. That is the only thing I can assert about the MoTD storyline.

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Honestly, I think I have a good idea about it

Now I don't play an blops or blops II but I had the first 4 maps on WaW and I'll tell you something. The bloke with the idea about satan could just be right. But not only that, anyone remember those Faust posters? The ones in Kino.

Well Faust is the story of a man who sells his sole to the devil in return for power, but when his time has come the man and satan fight and the man wins.

Especially with the whole 666 thing (Satans number) and myths that Satan can manipulate time. Maybe Richtofen sold his sole to the devil in return for the power of the zombies, then something went wrong.

Now, just a side note, we've got to remember about chronological orders.

I think Satan gave Richtofen the ability to teleport things, or at least give him the zombies as resources. Maybe all along richtofen wasnt more talented than Maxis. Maybe rich was just more desperate.

And does anyone remember the bio he had in WaW. It said about he a had a cruel sole or something.

I then think that when something happened with Samantha and she ended up in control, Satan didnt really give a shit so decided to come for the sole he was owed, but richtofen ran off. I think Satan messed them around with teleportation and time travel to try and get richtofen.

So, as Faust went, the man ends up fighting Satan, so I imagine we see some bad ass boss battle in the form of an easter egg.

Long story short, I think the storyline of Nazi zombies, or certainly from Richtofen anyway, it follows roughly the concept of Faust.

Richtofen's jealous of Maxis power, makes deal with devil to have his army of the undead. (This might not be so literally, maybe he was instructed to use 115 or told how to do it), shit goes down and samantha gets richtofens spot in the MPD thing, Satan couldn't give less of a shit and comes for richs sole, but Richtofen halls ass and runs off with his russian, japanese and mexican. Storyline plays out with richtofen trying to end up in control in order to defeat the devil, but is always running. The whole time loop thing is the devil fucking with them, and him teleporting our 4 heroes whenver he can doesnt help.

Maybe satan can transfer his power through element 115 or something, I don't know?

But in the end I reckon those fuast posters everywhere will have something to do with it

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Oh,I might be wrong about the devil.

It could also be hades, which in my opinion would be a slightly more interesting story. Hades is god of the underworld, and has a 3 headed dog, and in mob of the dead there is 3 heads to the dog.

The zombies are technically from the underworld, and maybe Faust poster is a red herring. I just don't know

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