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The Original 4, and how we could encounter them.

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As I have seen through many forums, videos on youtube and discussions with friends, there are alot of people debating whether the original 4 are dead or alive, I too am a part of this debate, and I believe they are alive, but anyway, this isn't the point. The point of this post is to list the many ways we could encounter the original 4.


One way we could encounter the original 4, (I'm not sure if I should call them that, since instead of Richtofen we have Samantha.) is through a call of the dead like DLC, with this continuing after moon, either straight after the Moon easter egg where they leave Area 51 and continue their journey, or years later, where they've been journeying for years and have somehow have encountered the new survivors or are doing something important, the reason I say they'd have to be doing something important or meeting the new survivors is because it'd have to contribute to the story, and the story so far is Richtofen and Maxis are taking the new 4 survivors around the world to activate each tower with 115, maybe the Original 4 could help the new survivors activate a tower in a call of the dead fashion way, where the new survivors are stuck and the Original 4 save them by activating a tower themselves, or it could be that the new survivors are unable to get to one of the towers so Richtofen revisits the original 4, asking them for a 'favor' in return for something. We could also be the new survivors and save the original 4 from being stuck somewhere.

A Reference In DLC

Here is another way they could incorporate the original 4 into a map, through a reference, a scenario where when the players somewhat finish an easter egg as the new survivors, we'd see an explosion in the distance or something big happening, it would be followed by one of the new survivors saying something like "I don't know what just happened, but the surrounding air smells alot like Vodka and Testosterone!"

Meaning the cause of the event was the original 4, not directly mentioning them, but Treyarc kind of saying they still haven't forgotten the original 4.

Another Kind Of Reference

The last but sad way they could bring the Original 4 to a map would be, well i'd hate for this to happen, but a sign that they had died, such as their clothing torn to pieces on the ground, Alot of perk bottles smashed on the ground, or lots of smashed vodka bottles. It'd be sad, and I'd be really disappointed but it'd be the end of something great, the original 4 survivors who went through so much to end up destroying the earth.... But it could be a hats off to the original 4, a magnificent ending. An end of an era...

Thanks for reading another write-up that probably won't matter!

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Honestly, I think you're right. We will see some form of a reference to the O4 at some point in DLC. To be quite frank in what I think, I would venture to say that the O4 will be brought about via the Navcard reader.

Let us sit back and think. We do NOT need to build the Navcard tables for the EEs. We have a card from the Green Run map that works in Great Leap Forward. We also have a second Navcard we find in Great Leap Forward, that I'm assuming will work in whatever the next DLC map may be. Having a card in that one that works in the fourth DLC, one in that map that works in Green Run, possibly opening up a FINAL map where the O4 and/or the N4 end this once and for all.

I doubt Treyarch would end a franchise that they make a substantial amount of money from, but maybe the "Richtofen being in power," side of the story, and now Maxis will be our evil antagonist. Or even futher down the rabbit hole, maybe the Vril-ya will be, or the Aliens/Greys, or possibly even a new antagonist we do not know yet.

Just a few thoughts, but good thinking Hype!

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