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Campaign - Lowering Difficulty?

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I've previously completed the Black Ops II Campaign on Veteran. Now, I want to rewind so I can go for Good Karma as well as the Ship Shape achievements. I rewinded the story, yet it's still on Veteran (go figure, seeing how its what it was on originally). I want to lower the difficulty now seeing how the Strike Force missions are near impossible on Veteran. I haven't seen the option, and I'm starting to think there isn't one? Will I really need to create a whole new campaign save, from mission 1, to get it to a lower difficulty? Thanks for the help in advance.

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If I remember correctly, you can simply press Start and choose "Lower Difficulty", although I could be wrong, but I do remember seeing changing the difficulty option when you choose "Replay Mission" and you get to choose a mission of your liking, you click on one and you should have the choice to choose the difficulty you like.

Hope it helps !

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