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Alternate Interpretation of Morse Code Messages


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Hi all. I originally posted this on the callofduty.com community forums, but I get the sense that you fine people take analysis of Easter Egg clues a little more seriously.

I've got an alternative interpretation for a few of those morse code messages. My approach was to assume that each of the messages actually served a practical and/or instructive purpose (because developers don't sit around writing morse code into traffic lights for no reason). Here's what I came up with:

Help me so I can help you - The messenger has a task for you, and apparently it's in your best interests to complete it.

Power is knowledge - Interpreted bluntly, Gain the Power and you might learn something

Go to the light - Well, Avagrado is the brightest lightsource on the map.

Energy can only be transformed - This could be a reference to a whole lotta things but, assuming each message has a related purpose, I reckon the most useful reason for this message is to hint that Avagrado and who/whatever is sending this code is one in the same (but that's really just a best-guess).

Stay close to me - Literally stay very close to Avagrado. Doing so seems to inhibit its ability to take human/zombie form.

We shall prevail - General reference to working together (because Avi's a decent fella when you're too close to fry).

The future is our to destroy - Again, reference to working together. It's not really clear (at least to me) what the practical/instructive purpose of this message could be, short of 'sucks to be everyone else on this planet'.

So now what? My initial thought was that the messages were suggesting that you stay very close to the Electric Zombie and perhaps it'd lead you somewhere. I gave that a fairly serious shot but the only thing that happened was me getting slapped more than a few times.

However, during that same session I discovered (at least for myself, it may be old news) that if you lure the E. Zombie back into the power core room then hit him with an EMP he once again becomes trapped in the core (and this isn't just something I thought I saw, it got trapped above the core then slowly lowered back down into it, screaming all the way).

Anyway, thoughts?

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I've got the game video saved. Broke it up into several parts, but it was my first time recording in theater, so I apologize if it's a little bit chronologically confusing.

I'mplaying BO2 on PC (sorry xbox and ps3 players), Gamer Tag: M0nn3rs (that's a ZERO, not an OH). Feel free to check it out if you're also a PC player.

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It's easy enough to see for yourself. Just lure the E. Zombie back into the core, throw a grenade, and Presto! (plus I'm hesitant to jump on the whole youtube wagon. Hesitant... and lazy)

On a side note, I didn't have the chance to explore the map after re-trapping the E. Zombie. I'd lost my turbine and the power room door didn't reopen (so I had to turn the power back on which, not surprisingly, re-released the E. Zombie). Also, if it matters, I'm focusing on exploring the Richtofen storyline so I haven't completed the Maxis ToB, and thie re-trapping thing seems to me like it might be more important to the Maxis side. So for anyone focusing on the Maxis story, have a go and let me know if anything new shows up :D

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