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meat in the fire = drops?


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I was playing a game of grief last night - and we were throwing the meat stink into the lava pit in front of PaP. Many zombies gathered, and we'd get 1-3 drops almost every time (using the meat stink).

I need to find it in theater mode - and once I do I'll post it here.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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Nope. Throwing it on the ground seems kinda pointless to me. Even on lava, the meat only lasts longer if you throw it at the enemy.. and it's only more fun that way.

Seems just like luck to me anyway, in your situation. Like the 'jump on eachother to die and create a glitch that gives you more magic'. Nobody does it now because it'll just add another down to your total and everyone knows it's full of shit.

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