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Tranzit Character and Location Secrets


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This is my current theory on various aspects of zombies, please CORRECT ME if you find any INACCURATE information in my flawed theories. *WARNING* A deep understanding of zombies entire storyline required to fully flesh out my theories.The more you know about the zombies the easier these theories are to follow.

MARLTON - Is an Engineer, Electrician and Scholar with ties to the U.S. Government possibly working on highly classified technologies or weapons design. even possibly the actual construction of the top secret bunkers themselves. In NUKETOWN he is heard saying various things through a bunker door. It is extremely muffled but people have deciphered what he says, some of which is the same as TRANZIT. Basically through understanding of the things he says, he is in his bunker hiding while the players playing as CDC eradicates the zombie hordes. It is assumed that at some point in the bunker a BUS comes and picks him up.

********SIDE NOTE*********

The BUS in TRANZIT is very much roughed up and actually has cushions on the floor that we can assume are for the characters to sleep on as they are not positioned for sitting. considering the time gap between NUKETOWN (roughly 60s) and TRANZIT (2025) this is whhere they have been all living as they travel.


Marlton has been scavenging the top secret areas he is aware of for weapons and technology and has with him some people he has reason to trust. (thats a different post) and they have survival as their goal. Marlton may have ties in the "illuminati" or high powered elite of the world. This may explain his knowledge of some of these locations. Assuming that because hes the ENGINEER of the group that he taught everyone else how to build or craft objects. Now understanding that, we can assume that since he has certain knowledge of how certain secret doors are opened or secret objects are built that he has at least rubbed elbows with high powerefull people or even that he is friends with people who have shared knowledge intimately because of his high class clearance.

I beleive that our new pack of survivors is actually being led around by Marlton to find some of the tech he may have built to help himself survive.I beleive he is aware of the events of the moon, as is the government and we actually may yet return there to undo richtofen in some way.


RICHTOFEN - He is in power. His story has been fleshed out to the fullest already. All we really have to speculate about is what he plans to do with his power. In GRIEF MODE we understand that this is Richtofen's way of toying with the survivors of the world. It is his personal game that he enjoys. He watches you kill eachother to avoid him actually killing you. He has always enjoyed watching people die suffering and slow. I believe the NPD may have a way of acting as a portal and he is having the survivors unwittingly send him energy and souls he may require to return to this realm from the ether. I have also considered that he may be trying to send some other more hideous thing back through into our realm.

MAXXIS - Some would view maxxis as the protagonist in zombies. I stress that this is NOT true. In the case of Maxxis vs Richtofen an argument can be made he is the good guy but really is only the lesser of two evils. Maxxis has been having other people do his bidding for a long time now and they all either died trying or did it and died anyway. Maxxis may also be tied to AVADROGO in the sense that maxxis speaks through radio signals and electronics. Maybe of the same sort but AVADROGO not actually being MAXXIS. I believe that Maxxis is trying to get the players to help his personal quest for revenge and not necessarilly mankind. Samantha may be outthere in the world or possibly still trapped on the moon in Richtofens body. It is entirely possible that she is there as a prisoner as Richtofen wouldn't actually harm his own vessel. He may yet again need it. Maxxis may be helping her escape his clutches and return to earth to reclaim it from Richtofen maybe aiding Marlton and Crew.

DENIZENS - I beleive these Denizens are the Vril Race. The legend says the Vril lived underground. Possibly the impact from the MISSILES dislodged the Earths crust and allowed them access. These creatures have a specific anatomy tho. If we disect their appearance we can come to certain conclusions. The have LARGE EYES indicating that they come from darkness and have large eyes to take in what very little light they get. They have small bodies which allows them to burrow easily or fit into small crevasses. They also have claws and a tail which could possibly indicate that they are the predators wherever they come from. Some consider these DENIZENS as DEMON BABYS but in actuallity look very little like humans at all aside from the general construction of anatomy and facial features such as the nose. These Denizens could also very easily be creatures of Richtofen's creation to "police" the world he rules when the people he's not done playing with yet get out of line. He is after all above anything else a MAD MAN. The DENIZENS seem to dislike light in general. the THICK FOG caters to their liking being very think and very little sun light comes through. If under a GREEN LAMP POST they actually will not come after you until you move away.

AVADROGO - This to me seems to be some sort of being that is using massive power and energy to "break through" the boundaries that ward it away. The being is one of PURE ENERGY and can only first be seen in the CORE of THE REACTOR in the POWER ROOM. I believe it was waiting there for the power to be turned on to Juice it up and bring its form into this dimmension either from the ether or maybe a spiritual place such as limbo. This means that the creature could be of RICHTOFEN or MAXXIS. Both need you to kill it to use its energy to help them gain whatever they respectively need done. This creature appears human, but doesnt act human. It travels in bursts almost teleporting and when defeated it spins up and flies towards the heavens. I beleive whatever this creature is, it is tied to the ELECTRICAL STORM directly. As far as significance goes this creature is a mobile sentient energy source. It needs the energy it has to exist in this dimmension or realm and is only saught after to be utilized in the EASTER EGGS. This can be assumed to mean that some people in the game are aware of its potential if not its existance, I beleive that to be MARLTON.


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These all seem logical except for the timeline for the jump from nuketown to tranzit. Maralton would have to be very old if nuketown zombies was in the 60s and green run is in the 2025s. Also i surprised no one has talked about our heros still trapped on moon.

In the last Dlc they might release moon for BO2 and youll have to stop richtofen. But Otherwise very Plausable.

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