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Can sum1 clear sum stuff up

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That blank picture n the room with the bathroom, who is that? Is it mex

Beware of 6 means nova 6 right?

No easter egg on kino?

How radios are thier?

How many film reels r thier? (in the rooms from teleporter)

what happens if u colect and put in all the film reels?

Nothing to do with kino think but, what do people mean by "we have looked at the code" they were talking bout the kino easter egg

Any other things like mini eggs

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I'm not sure who is in the picture.

Beware of the 6 does mean nova 6 crawlers(as far as I know).

I believe there is a hidden easter egg on kino, but no one really thinks so. They have their opinion and we have ours.

I don't know how the radios got there but I do know there are 2 radios in the map.

There are only 3 film reels hidden throughout the maps teleporter rooms.

Nothing happens when you put in all the film reels. People do like to troll other people and make up rumors so don't get confused.

I think they mean something about hacking the game to see if something does happen when they talk about "the code".

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