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New Wonder Weapon Idea?

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Hey, Wouldn't be cool if the guys at treyarch could make a wonder weapon called the QKE-72: When shot at the ground, makes a mini-earthquake, stuns zombies for 10s;QKE-72 pack a punched: TRMR-100: creates strong mini-quake where all zombies within a radius become crawlers & are stunned 8-)

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Hello! Welcome to codz!

You don't know this because you joined today, but making your own thread for a wonderweapon idea is generally frowned upon. The "wunder-ful" wonderweapon discussion thread is where this ought to go. go ahead and post it there. You may also want to add details. What is its magazine size? What does it look like? That sort of thing. You don't necessarily need to but it helps give the idea popularity.

As for the idea itself, I love it. A gun that stuns zombies would sort of be like a vr-11 because it distracts them. I don't like that it makes crawlers when upgraded, because you could easily run through a crowd of stunned zombies to safety, but a mine field of crawlers is difficult to navigate. That would just be maddening the unhelpful, which would be even MORE than less than unhelpful. It should just stun them longer AND damage them when upgraded. The names are very clever by the way!

P.S. check out my ideas on page four of the wonder waffle thread, I have like ten!

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Electric has a small, but somewhat not true point. I'm not much for the idea, its a GREAT idea, i just don't really care about the details. All I'm saying is yes it is a good idea, a few more details would be nice. But the overall is good. As far as posting in "other forums," lol, (no offense Electric) but screw the other forums where "your supposed to do it here." I disagree, why? Because if you want people to see your ideas, then produce big and good ideas, so when people see your posts they will look at them. And oh, a key thing, "New Wonder Weapon Idea" is lame, no offense. Spice up your titles to grab the readers attention. But as far as the idea goes yes, as far as moving it to a "none-frowned upon place" you just post wherever you look. I never even look at the "Wunder-ful ideas list" or whatever.

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^^^ I agree but not a lot of other people do. The reason I said that was because about a month ago I posted a thread for a wonder weapon idea and received a lot of hate about it. I have stuck to not using so called dupe threads unless I think the idea is good enough to stand alone. Not that I'm saying this idea isn't, but I generally stick to mass discussion threads now, rather than a thread devoted to one stand alone idea.

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