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Black Ops 2 multiplayer wishlist

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1. no comando lunjing

2. lower kill streeks

3. easyer quick scopeing

4. dive throwing knife

5. boomerang

6. double throwing knife

7. easyer sniper no scopeing

8. exploding sniper shots

9. prestige tokens

10. ability to fly jets and crash them

1. It is being said around the forum that the "panic knifing" option of the knife will be a two knife kill with little to no lunge and the equipable knife will be a one knife kill with little to no lunge.

2. They will have score streaks which will make them easier to get but will require you to play support and objective to get the higher ones, the Swarm is the highest being ~3300 score.

3. I don't think they've announced anything about aim assist for snipers when scoping in but there will be attachments for quicker ADS and to have a scope or not.

4. I think what you mean by that is being able to throw your combat axe while dolphin diving. I doubt they will add that but they haven't announced anything about that so we will have to wait and see.

5. It sounds like a cool idea but I highly doubt they are going to put that in because a "lethal boomerang" seems OP in the idea that if it misses you get it back.

6. You can use another point for another lethal grenade so for example you could have two lethal frags and/or two combat axes, depending on whether or not you use the Danger Close wildcard.

7. I believe the snipers will have a laser sight attachment that will increase hip fire accuracy but again, I have not heard anything announced about sniper aim assist.

8. That sounds extremely OP but the pyrotechnic part of me would love to see it, I highly doubt they will implement that to the game.

9. It sounds like with the new unlocking system that could be a good addition to the game.

10. In all of the score streaks and attachments there is no jet pack so I doubt they will add this. Plus all of the Halo fans are going to be all over us if we added that and I already get enough of that from Battlefield fanboys.

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I think for his number 10 wish he literally meant 'jets'. Not jet packs. Jet packs in COD equals retarded.

My bad. Come to think of it, they have said that you can take control of some AI score streaks so maybe the storm will have that capability but we will have to wait to see.

Grammer fail...

:lol: I really hope that was meant for irony.

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