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My Dr. Maxis Theory.

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Dr. Maxis Has Fooled Us All

At first I viewed Rictofen as the evil mastermind until this little theory hit me. I believe it was Maxis who drew Rictofen in for the kill. Granted: Rictofen is where he wants to be, but only to an extent now. I am sure Rictofen wanted to rule the zombies from his own body while remaining alive and intact. He could conquer all lands, (assuming they aren't the only ones around: JFK, Michael Rooker, etc.) if he were in his body with the same powers he has now. I believe I remember him saying he would kill her if he could, so this is another motive that was thwarted in some way.

If Rictofen wanted to get the power from Samantha and wanted to kill her, why would he WANT to trade bodies with her instead? I believe this is where Maxis comes in. Maxis can manipulate electronics so he starts up the game as a way to initiate HIS plan. Rictofen knows about the steps needed to be accomplished, so he follows through with the games and other nonsense.

All the while, Maxis can be heard saying things like "Noooo...She's just a little girl Rictofen." I believe this was a ploy for Rictofen to continue to the end of what he knows, and the beginning of what Maxis had in store. Rictofen's soul was only around for the initial segment of the easter egg, and therefore knew nothing of the rest. This whole time, we have been following Rictofen. Why all of a sudden, when he is gone, we decide to blow up the earth? Again, Maxis. Maxis knew that with his daughter freed, and Rictofen in power, the best thing to do was to kill as many zombies as he possibly could, in order to give his daughter a chance. Not so evil of him to do this, but never-the-less, I view the Moon egg as more of a Maxis egg, than a Rictofen egg.

This brings me to a question: Will there be a war of the gods so to speak? With Maxis living through electronics, and Rictofen living through zombies, and both of which in Aether, wouldn't there be a war? We would be choosing sides and defending attacks and such in a long drawn out story. I think it would be cool.

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I dont think so, i think the crew will just be trying to take down ol Ed. Also i dont think JFK and his crew were trying to rule the zombies also, they just got unlucky

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