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What is your game personality in zombies?

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Nathan169 is back in action again after a long hiatus on zombies! There has been quite a lot of new members around here. I am just curious what is your game personality favorites in zombies?

For example as me, I am a big fan of shooting machine guns with extreme high rate of fire with lot of ammo. Like PPsh or FG-42 with double tap. Thats why my avatar has double tap perk bottle, which I am very good at it. The perk isn't waste your ammo, it just gives optical illusion that looks like you wasted ammo. It uses same amount of bullets to kill zombies without double tap but lot faster.

Another game personality favorite, Blow the shit up zombies with large explosive weapons like MLAW, M&S, Pepperdeck aka Panzershreck, or china lake. But the ultimate favorite explosive weapon i always use is M1 garand with grenade launcher. It is fun to shoot like crazy at large horde of zombies running towards me. :D


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