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Accumulating Thread - "What Happens Next" Questions

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So we can tidy up the story discussion with a lot of repeated questions, I propose all of the questions be put into this thread and answer them here. If you ask, I'll add it to the list and I and other members will try to answer it :D Also if a mod wants to merge the topics, then so be it also. There are other story questions but I just posted the ones in the story section.

bad karma - What happened to Sam?

I feel like the poster girl may just be for dramatic effect. Kinda like that Kino(?) poster where the 4 heroes just looked REALLY off and Richtofen was bald :lol:

bad karma again - Where to next, and how will the story continue?

I am kinda for and against an underwater map. It would have to be in a Bioshock or Atlantis type area where you are closed in from the water because even though zombies can be unrealistic the physics of it are usually justified and explaining how a gun shoots underwater can be tough because I believe thats not possible (?)

xStopDropNKillx - What's next?

As Monopoly answered in the thread, Earth isn't destroyed and we will likely have a map dealing with the ruins.

xFierce_Fighterx - Where to next?

I would say either Paris, Tunguska, or even LA depending if they want an "extras" map.

SaLaD_FiNgErS_HD - Where is zombies headed from here?

It would be nice to see paris or Tunguska last. Tunguska would be a cool "end where it began factor."

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I really hope no cyborg stuff. Treyarch said Zombies can be its own seperate timeframe and doesn't have to follow the 2025 system. The only difference would prob be the future guns but non-wonder weapons don't really affect the reasoning behind the theories so they aren't really important.

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That is true. I'm just saying we know that the time line of zombies is going to start during the 70s. Right after WaW and possibly go through the 80s which is time time line of BOs. So maybe we will have a few maps to fill in the gaps before we reach Kino?

No, I'm pretty sure BOs took place in the 60's. W@W took place in the 40's, didn't it? And the cold war was sometime in the 60's/early 70's. Go check the dates of the levels again.

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