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What about AFTER Season 2?

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I figured that if this zombie ends like season 1 did on the moon, then what comes after that? Well, I had these three visions:

"NAZI ZOMBIES III" the story taking place in 2029, Sam tries to find her daughter in the moon, Richtofen returns from the dead, zombie fans try to find Treyarch Studio, Soul Hunters search for Richtofen's soul, and zombie god defends 115 from other gods. The end has positive and alternative choice. After you play the alternative ending, you get to play as Adam and Eve. This game comes with new perks, new devices, and new zombies.

"CALL OF DUTY: WORLD AT WAR II" the story taking place during the days of WWII. But this game is viewed by Dempsey, Nikolia, and Takeo. You also play as the Soul Hunters during the Cold War. As a bonus, the fifth map of each map-pack will be the alternate story from the previous game. A.K.A., play as Adam and Eve.

"CALL OF DUTY: ZOMBIE WORLD WAR I" the last zombie story (doesn't have to be) taking place in the first...ZOMBIE WORLD WAR!!! Three sides to play it: Zombies (Sam and Richtofen), Mummies (Me and another fan), and Gods (Adam and Eve). Zombies will have you reverse your path from Moon to Nacht Der Untoten. Mummies will have you kill mummies (enemies of the WW) by Skull Zombies in a few cities. Gods will end the mummies with all their shadows and betray Satan again.

If you guys like, and I'm speaking to the Modestrator or Management or Treyarch Studios, I would try and write a book explaining this as quickily as I can. This idea starts at three, not two. Like it saids: what about after season 2?

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