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Super rediculous "super" perks


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I thought of this when I saw someone wolithe the clan tag [sSoH]. So here they are.

Super Marathon: Run before the round starts.

Super Sleight of Hand: Reload 95% faster.

Super Scavenger: Scavenge all ammo in one pick up.

Super Bling: Have 3 attachment with 2 that originally would be impossible to combo.

Super One Man Army: Unlimited ammo for 30 seconds after spawning.

Super Stopping Power: 2 hit kill with any gun. 1 with sniper rifles.

Super Lightweight: Run 50% faster.

Super Hardline: killstreaks need 3 less kills.

Super Cold-Blooded: Cant be killed by killstreaks.

Super Danger Close: Explosives set of a mini nuke on the map.

Super Commando: Knife 10 feet.

Super Steady Aim: Crosshairs touch even will walking.

Super Scrambler: Jam killstreaks.

Super Ninja: Jam enemy heartbeat sensors.

Super SitRep: Detect enemies.

Super Last Stand: Use primary weapon in Last Stand.

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