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Monkey on the bed after leaving pack a punch room

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Im sure others have come across this but when you spawn for a few moments in the bedroom before being teleported back to the lobby area, on the bed there is sometimes a monkey, other times a vase? of course I keep an eye open for any power ups and film reels but this seems to be a strange variable, im not sure bit it does seem that when I have monkeys it does not show a monkey on the bed? is there nay way you can pick this up?

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unfortunately no, ive tried several several several times to pick up from every angel and nothing has worked, ive tried both sides of the bed, the foot of the bed, jumping, and just about everything else, its just scenery, nothing else...

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Is that a.. MOLOTOV on his back what in the fudge????

It looks to me like the one in the fly trap.you can find it in some incinirator if i remmber.

Is that where you shoot the box; the Monkeys fly in the air; the girl ( or monkey? ) screams and the monkeys spawn with different items in their hands? If so, then for the incinerator you must THROW a MONKEY BOMB into it. The monkey dances while screaming in pain and the girl laughs ( or monkey? ) and says something along the lines of "Well done, you've found another one!".

@fraztheman I've seen that too, never bothered me though :P @Ruelis Thanks for telling me that I haven't been wasting time NOT trying to get it :).

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