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Call of the Dead Timeline and Story

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Ok guys...so we've all seen the trailers for Call of the Dead. I'm even willing to bet we've watched them more than once. The one trailer was WICKED!!! Then the Inside XBox trailer actually showed us a bit of gameplay. So I noticed something. In the beginning scene of the Inside XBox video we see George Romaro sitting in a chair talking to the camera. He says "Years ago I did research for a World War 2 movie. I came across some old Nazi documents. I couldn't believe what I was reading."

While he's talking we see flashback cut scenes of what looks like Kino Der Toten. Then at the end of his little speech we see another flashback cut scene of the 935 logo...but it's the logo we see on the wall at Der Riese where the power is. So we have two flashbacks of old maps while he says he was reading old nazi documents for a movie.

Nacht, Verruckt, Shi, Der, Kino, Dead Ops, and Ascension all happened in the past. This map looks like it may be in present day. So all the things Nikoli, Dempsey, Richtofen, and Takeo did were documented by the nazis, and in "present day" have been found. We've heard the four new characters are at a Siberian outpost looking for remains of element 115. Maybe the documents that were found told all the things element 115 could do, and how the original four had many messed up experiences with it involving zombies and what not. So a rougue group of kick ass warriors are hired by the illuminati to go find it but are attacked by the flesh eating puss buckets on their quest.

Maybe that means the original 4 characters just arent a part of this chapter in the story line...or maybe they are. Maybe they'll make a special appearance in this map. The guy in the Inside Xbox video says to shoot everything we see with every different weapon and we'll be surprised or whatever. So easter egg's ahoy!!!

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I'm pretty sure this is just a fun map. I could be wrong. What i got from the trailer is it's a throw back. I don't think it will have anything to do with the story.

You might be right. But while George Romaro is talking about the old nazi documents we see pictures of Kino and Der Riese...so that says something. Also we see Jugg, Double Tap, and Quick Revive...and the ray gun. These are all things that wouldn't be possible without Dr. Maxis and Richtofen.

They may make an appearance in this map. Don't forget, they travel through time. But if they don't make an appearance, I'm sure they will be referenced at least. But you might be right it could just be a fun map. But I hope not.

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I've been watching some youtube vids about Call of the Dead and some really good points were made. One person said it looks like they were filming a movie when the outbreak happens because there are zombies that look like normal people which may have been a part of the film crew who were bitten by zombies thus turning into zombies themselves. Plus George Romero weilds a film light...so yea. It could just be a fun map. But if element 115 is involved, you can bet it has something to do with the story.

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