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    Tank Dempsey


    "When I find your master, I'm killin' him." - dog_spawn_04_safe
    "Maybe this is where they built that Wunderwaffle thingy?" - gem_giant_00
    "Element 115, Wunderwaffles, Die Glocke, ah fuck it let's just go kill some freakbags!" - gem_giant_01
    "I think Richtofen knows more about what's goin' on than it seems." - gem_giant_02
    "Wonder who that Dr. Maxis is that I keep hearin' about." - gem_giant_03
    "I hear the Krauts are interested in energy weapons, those pussies don't like lead I guess." - gem_giant_04
    "I wonder if that rock brought those freakbags..." - gem_meteor_00
    "Come one, if I wanted to sit around I'd hang out with Nikolai and reminisce about the war." - perk_punch_wait_00
    "Hoorah Devil man!" - powerup_carp_01
    "What the hell were they lookin' for?" - rare_response_corkmap_00
    "Hey Richtofen, what does all this shit mean?" - rare_response_corkmap_01
    "I'm starting to like that chick." - rare_response_devil_00
    "Fuck that, I'd rather eat lead." - rare_response_fieldop_00
    "Who the fuck is this teddy?" - rare_response_teddy_00
    "I think I'm gettin' used to it!" - rare_teleporter_sick_00
    "This all feels so god damn familiar." - rare_teleporter_sick_01
    "Finish your work for once Richtofen!" - response_rival_cspawn_01
    "Stop playin' around Richtofen, this ain't your lab!" - response_rival_cspawn_04
    "I don't like the way Richtofen looks at that monkey, you get the feeling he's done some bad things." - response_rival_monkey_04
    "Poor Richtofen, surrounded by his own creations." - response_rival_ohshit_04
    "Anyone ever hear about Die Glocke?" - teleporter_help_04
    "American made, just like me." - weappick_bar_00
    "I still wonder where this thing came from..." - weappick_raygun_0


    Nikolai Belinski


    "You are ugly, like first wife." - dog_killstreak_00
    "Die by my sorcerer's weapon!" - kill_ray_02
    "So much death, so quickly, like Eastern Front all over again." - feedback_killstreak_11
    "What the hell were you doing here you creepy fucks." - gem_giant_00
    "You see Richtofen, you're losing the war because you invest in this nonsense, instead of gun powder and vodka. That's why we'll beat you." - gem_giant_01
    "Hey, I think this is where that Wunderwaffe thing come from, look!" - gem_giant_02
    "I think the Germans have a master plan. This is fucking crazy." - gem_giant_03
    "I think the Red Menace would be interested in this space rock." - gem_meteor_see
    "Oh I gotta take this back for the boss to see." - perk_packa_see_01
    "I used to be a carpenter you know?" - powerup_carp_00
    "Home sweet home. I think." - rare_response_corkmap_00
    "Thanks, whoever you are." - rare_response_devil_00
    "She sounds like my ex-wife, haha." - rare_response_devil_01
    "She sounds pissed." - rare_response_devil_02
    "Who the fuck is teddy?" - rare_response_teddy_00
    "I get the feeling we've done this before." - rare_teleporter_sick_00
    "We need to watch Takeo closely, there's something not right about that boy." - response_rival_cspawn_03
    "Why didn't they spend their money on a vodka transference machine?" - teleporter_linkall_02
    "This will hurt like syphilis, believe me I know." - weappick_mg_00
    "Ah, same weapon I used to kill my second wife, it was accident... She talked to much." - weappick_ppsh_03
    "Fascist technology is more advanced than I thought!" - weappick_raygun_01
    "No one handles electricity like Nikolai!" - weappick_tesla_0


    Takeo Masaki


    "How do they survive?" - crawler_spawn_02
    "Your time on Earth is over!" - dog_killstreak_00
    "Return to the Hell from whence you came!" - dog_killstreak_02
    "A storm approaches..." - dog_spawn_02
    "The fires of Hell consume you." - feedback_kill_flame_02
    "Feel the lightning surge through you!" - feedback_kill_tesla_01
    "This place holds a secret." - gem_giant_00
    "Where evil begins, evil continues." - gem_giant_01
    "There are answers here." - gem_giant_02
    "The way of darkness always brings great price." - gem_giant_03
    "Shadows begin. Darkness follows." - gem_giant_04
    "This rock is not of this place." - gem_meteor_00
    "I will see you once again." - rare_response_corkmap_00
    "The honorable live here." - rare_response_corkmap_01
    "Nothing in this world is not of the world." - rare_response_devil_00
    "A dishonorable way to die." - rare_response_fieldop_00
    "To know where you are going, you must know from where you've been." - rare_response_telemap_00
    "Like a circle, the paths of life meet at both ends." - rare_teleporter_sick_00
    "I think, therefore I was." - rare_teleporter_sick_01
    "I wish I had a monkey." - response_hero_monkey_04
    "This may be the technology of the future!" - weappick_raygun_0


    Dr. Edward Richtofen


    "Damnit, they should be training them, not killing them!" - dog_killstreak_01
    "What do they feed on... Corpses?" - dog_killstreak_02
    "The hounds of Hell are knocking on our door!" - dog_spawn_02
    "I am all powerful!" - feedback_close_01
    "I am a god! Stay back!" - feedback_close_02
    "Illuminati, I work for thee!" - feedback_killstreak_01
    "Yes masters, one more dies in your service!" - feedback_kill_headd_03
    "With compliments from the German Army!" - feedback_kill_ray_03
    "Wunderwaffe, I have missed you!" - feedback_kill_tesla_00
    "Do you hear it? Talking to me?" - feedback_kill_tesla_01
    "I was told to do that... BY THEM!" - feedback_kill_tesla_02
    "Why don't I have enough money?! It's all THEIR fault!" - feedback_nomoney_box_00
    "Oh that rock, it must be where Element 115 comes from." - gem_meteor_00
    "Thank you Dark One." - powerup_ammo_01
    "More medicine for the patients!" - powerup_ammo_02
    "The voices are getting louder!" - powerup_double_01
    "By the power of the Illuminati, I will destroy you all now! Yeah?" - powerup_insta_01
    "Yes Nikolai, do you feel his presence now?" - response_hero_headd_00
    "Good, good! You're training well my student." - response_hero_headd_02 (Said to Nikolai)
    "The Illuminati will be pleased with you Nikolai." - response_hero_headd_04
    "Help me! They are displeased!" - revive_down_gen_00
    "No, no I am not ready for Hell! I've got nothing to wear!" - revive_down_gen_03
    "Good, the service to the Illuminati can continue." - revive_revived_00
    "I am a god!" - special_melee_insta_04
    "This contraption looks like something I would have made." - trap_log_00
    "The Illuminati will be so proud!" - weappick_357_03
    "I will cook them, then I will eat them!" - weappick_flame_01
    "Let us dance together in the fires of Hell!" - weappick_flame_03
    "I will harvest their organs!" - weappick_mg_04
    "I will hunt them down, and harvest their eyes!" - weappick_mg40_04
     - weappick_raygun_03
    "The doctor wished to see their brains!" - weappick_shotguns_01
    "I will blow their limbs off, to add to my collection!" - weappick_shotgun_03
    "No, the voices! Stop!" - weappick_shotgun_05
    "Yes, yes, I will do as you say. I will kill them one by one!" - weappick_sniper_04
    "The Wunderwaffe DG-2, my greatest invention!" - weappick_tesla_00
    "Wunderwaffe, oh how I've missed you!" - weappick_tesla_01


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