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  1. Thanks Anon, I appreciate the kind words.
  2. Hello people, me again. Sometime earlier today I noticed that nobody (I think) has translated the newspaper on Cartel on Black Ops Cold War from Spanish to English for the community to see, so I set out to do it myself and be the first person to translate it. So without further ado, I'll leave the translation below. "JOSE LUIS MENENDEZ- THE HERO OF THE PEOPLE" "Managua- It is hard to imagine a time when the surname Menendez did not inspire the immediate recognition, respect, and affection of all Nicaraguans. However, less than fifteen years ago, Jose Luis Menendez wa
  3. His voice is hard to make out. I'd almost say the Mystery Box voice and his don't even sound similar. But who else would it be besides Mayak or The First One. Thoughts anyone?
  4. Assuming it's the megaton then I'd say Mayak is most likely the specific megaton who's narrating. I don't think it's Orlov. The reason being that Mayak' full name is Megaton Overlord, implying that he's in control of all the other megatons. (Not in a hivemind sense but more of a he's the "General" who's in charge of the soldiers who are all the other megatons).
  5. There's not much to go off of at the moment. Personally I think the Either the megaton or the first one is the narrator and I think the first one is controlling the zombies
  6. From my understanding the first one is created whenever we resolve the duality in Tag. Monty and the Shadow man aren't destroyed but instead banished to the Dark Aether alongside everything else. Once in the Dark Aether they recombined into the first one. I may have butchered that explanation so I'd recommend asking Cal or Eric. I'm quite sure they're the ones that came up with the idea of the first one, so they'd probably have a better explanation. Now that you mention it. I think the polish myth stuff will probably stay in this map only. The only way it would make sense i
  7. Thank you. I hadn't considered the first option but it also makes a lot of sense considering like you said Treyarch have already done this in the past with interpretations of the the Vrill. I guess only time will tell which theory is correct.
  8. Firstly hello everyone, this is my first post here on the forums. Been reading posts created by others but never had anything I felt important enough to write about... until now that is! Do you ever feel creeped out while playing Die Maschine? Do you ever feel like you're being watched? I know I sure was whenever I played the map, but the place I felt the feeling the most wasn't in the depths of the Project Endstation bunker but instead I felt it the most in and around Nacht. I couldn't figure out why so I got to exploring and eventually found something that caught my eye.
  9. Yes, it's very exciting to me that zombies will be Cross gen/play. I've met so many great people on this forum/discord and it's really cool to at least have the option to play with people here across all platforms and generations of platform.
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