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  1. The reason why I don't do multiplayer anymore. Map - Fringe Mode - Dom So as a guy who has a positive k/d and positive w/l matches like this really annoy me and make me hate multiplayer. I have never been one shotted more in my life than in this match. From the start of the first round I get shot in the face with a rocket trying to go for B. Okay. Then I get spawn killed three times, by a sniper, and xc-xd, and that one guy every match that just loves to spray the dingo. So at this point I realize my team can't hold down a spawn and I should be reacting accordingly. I flank the left route from A only to be one shot by a guy camping with the locus as soon as I go around the corner. I jump over the wall behind white truck, finally get a melee kill on the one guy every match that likes to make that his home. Jump through the window only to get taken out by a guy with a carver after I got off six shots with the man of war which should have killed him. Okay so by this time I realize that this route isn't working. I make a risky play through b and get triple teamed. Then I go through tracks and get taken out by the same sniper who's now camping the other side of the map. So at this point I switch to the svg which is bae. I take the sniper out then go through the side room and get taken out by a kid camping with Marshals. Switch to the vmp with laser, rapid and extended, cause at this point I'm starting to get really annoyed. Get killed again by the carver, the marshals and then a trip mine. That was only the first half. Second half I get killed by gravity spikes, the purifier, the sparrow, gravity spikes again, 4 hc-xd's, a lightning strike, a rolling thunder, a partridge in a pear tree, and the usual campers that I mentioned from the first half. Probably the worst match I've ever had in any Cod.
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    Longshots are much easier with a thermal scope because even if they are headglitching you can take them out most of the time. Infection - Try to take out the sniper that is in the church or the house almost every match. You can head glitch behind the tank or car depending on what side you're on Breach - AC to top broken building is a longshot even for snipers Fringe - Camp Tracks or White house to Barn. Both work for Ar's, but white house to barn is also a good place for longshots if you ever go for diamond snipers Nuketown- Window to window I believe is a longshot but I haven't tried it lately because someone is either sniping or camping with a shieva or an m8 at the opposite window. Stronghold - From top mansion to the building by C flag is a longshot.
  3. Hey everyone. So I'm kinda new to the zombies scene. I've been playing the multiplayer aspect of the game for years but I've just started to get into zombies. I don't know why I didn't years ago. I've been winging it solo so far. I guess here I'm looking for advice, strategies, and to make friends with people to play with on a regular basis. I play on XB1 and I know that's a mortal sin to some people but I don't care. I wanna learn from more experienced people and eventually get really good at this game mode. I could honestly see myself no-lifing zombies to level 1000.
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