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    Hello My Name is Dawson, i am 17 and a male. Favorite characters: Misty,Nikolai. Dempsy, Richtofen, Nixon Favorite gun (NON Mystery): Remington,Galil Favorite Perk: Electro-Cherry Favorite PaP gun: War Machine Favorite Map: Origins,Nuketown,Turned Dislikes: DIE RISE,TRANZIT,Stuhlinger, Ballistic Knife, EMP Grenade (Who green lighted that idea.......), War machine (NON P.a.P), RPG, Tombstone, Who's Who MAPS: All DLC maps bought. 12 month Memb Send a friend Request to "TheBlackGalaxy"
  2. OK So you would never belive me on this glitch...on Tranzit (Yes Transhit) i was goung to get Olimpia ammo, When out of the blue, I Get a RAYGUN?!?!?! I tested this again and again and it also happened in Die Rise with misty as well! Can someone explain?

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