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    New Visual Effect?

    The humming sound in the canal district is something i hear all the time. I concluded that it was because I was above the portal that takes you to the underground.
  2. a7alpha

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    Lol, i have tried and tried to shoot the heart at the footlight district but i just cannot seem to hit it. I tried so many times that i just no longer bother. Is there a trick to it? I use the ray gun but i keep missing when the tram starts to turn.
  3. a7alpha

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    Hey guys! I had a thought through my last run in SoE. Charging the AS gun with the 10 Zombies then the audio cue prompts the next time a Margwa pops. I find it interesting that the Margwa will kneel after the first head is destroyed. Why is that? Why not before? The heads come down to eye level like there is something we are suppose to do with the broken head. The animators could've just used the stop and flail animation if stunning is all that there was to it. There is roughly 5 seconds of kneeling and i tried knifing the heads but i had trouble with all the zombies. I died trying it a second time as i got stuck in a corner without realizing i couldnt run past the Margwa in the tight space. The AS gun is made up of the heart (from Margwa), the sacs(parasites/elementals), and the tentacles(purple pods). I wonder if you can place a fully charged Arch Ovum inside the head of the margwa or something similar.....
  4. I will check the video and see if I can get it working. Weird, worked on my friends computer. Although it took a minute to show. Yes I had the upgraded sword out when I hit the final head. It was just weird because I had multiple things happen that I never saw before and SoE is pretty much all I play. Yes, I used it before getting rid of the swords audio cue. I am convinced that the Margwa heads need to be destroyed in a certain order ( depending on your audio cue). I got the first audio cue after it spawned after I charged the ID gun with the 10 zombies the previous round. This tells me that the Margwa is the key to the next step.....if there is a next step that is. Maybe use best mode to pull one if the pods out of its had or something.
  5. So I made made an attempt last night for the WW upgrade. Figured i would destroy the heads in a specific order to see what happens. After i got the audio cue Gwanash na'orruja gwanash: "Robot ID Gun Robot.". I figured i would try and get the robot to destroy the second head of the Margwa. I used the Apothicon servant to hit the second head and it seemed to have stunned the Margwa (never had that happen before either), then a few seconds later the head exploded. I am not sure if the robot did that or what, i say this because in my entire time playing the game i never had the robot destroy a head on the margwa. Then i used the upgraded sword to finish off the last head, i may be crazy or hearing things but i hear what sounds like a word but there is far to much happening for me to be certain. I am going to try and isolate the audio later tonight and post it if there is anything of significance. I have it recorded if anyone wants to see if i'm crazy. My attempt starts at the 12 minute mark on the video. http://www.twitch.tv/evoker21/v/34311097 Created a profile just to post here as i browse these forums a lot. Hoping that i am not hearing things that i want to hear.

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