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  1. @Nieno69 do you think we should get a frequency analysis of each line, for example "206, 717, 929" or every set of numbers like "206", "717" and "929"? I attached a text file into my previous post with every line of numbers and ran a frequency analysis here http://www.online-utility.org/text/analyzer.jsp This page shows every set of numbers instead of the line, so "206", "717" etc. Warning: long post
  2. At first this may look like a jumble of numbers but if you look carefully you'll see each line has their own space and you should be able to seperate them from other lines. Oddly enough some single numbers like "1019" have a comma (,) at the end of them, not sure what's the deal with that. I tried looking already but if you find any numbers I haven't written please tell me and I'll fix it Edit: Text file of every line added below image (right click to show the full resolution picture) paper.txt
  3. It's 223, 992, 614, 422. Now that I've been writing these, I've noticed there are a lot of identical lines of numbers. So that's a big help when you can't quite see the numbers. I'm actually almost done writing these out so check back soon for a new image :)
  4. Do you think the background matters much? Because I could just go over all the numbers in Photoshop and write over them with a clear font. Edit: Cubeupload is supposedly lossless quality so here's the same picture http://cubeupload.com/im/QA2O2B.png
  5. Damn that's a lot of arrows. My eyes can't quite recognize the order that you've drawn but if I have free time I could just go over the numbers and check if they are right, and trust in your order :P Also, I could upload the picture somewhere else than Imgur for better quality, what would be a good site?
  6. Last night I formed all the scraps very quickly to see what it looks like, then drew it out. Can't be bothered to make a proper picture just yet because two of them are in areas that you can't reach in theater mode properly
  7. The Pack-a-Punch has little stairs leading to it on both sides, so it's on the ground where the stairs start. Kind of hard to explain Also the last piece to the other scrap paper note was found, it's on the shelf next to pink 115 water I think it's 577, 691, 227, 761 because there's an identical row of numbers if you go down from the middle. The pieces definitely don't align perfectly and some of it was scrapped off, so it wasn't easy to put them in right places. That corner might be overlapping the other piece and that's why it looks like 227, 61
  8. I've asked her where she found it, hopefully she replies. Also, I found one DNA structure piece on the shelf right next to pink 115 water. The shelf is not in the little corner room where the water is, but it's placed next to the wall of that room. Edit: Couldn't get a reply from her. I've been literally searching for this last piece for hours and I can't find it. it must be in an obvious spot if Glitching Queen found it the day the map pack came out Edit 2: Last piece found! I made a Reddit post and https://www.reddit.com/user/bicoezbluntkid remembered seeing it, so thanks to him we now have all the pieces to the DNA fingerprint picture. It's on the slope leading to the Pack-a-Punch room. Edit 3: Well here is the final result. Lighting was a bitch because it shines into the pieces in some rooms and some of the scraps we're cut off completely so it wasn't easy to match them in correct positions. With the source file I can however zoom and make out every number, except the end of the one in the middle that says "577, 691, 22......" but straight down from it is almost identical line, I think it could be the same row of numbers. It's hard to know because small parts were completely cut off in every piece around those numbers
  9. Does anyone have a full/partial EE gameplay showing up in their theater mode? Even gameplay with someone just getting into the dragon egg room would suffice. If you could, add my PSN "DrazHD" then I could search in theater mode, because I keep failing myself :P
  10. Yeah, bad lighting there :/ I tried fixing the colors a little bit but it didn't really work... Edit: Fixed lighting issue on piece #4 with the help of Juggernog's light :D Some of them still have light shining into them so the numbers can be hard to see, but right now I'm just trying to piece together the paper, once it's finished we can start enhancing it.
  11. So this is what I've put together. I think we are still missing one to three pieces for the DNA fingerprint picture. To recap, here are the locations for these six pieces 1. Next to the Mystery Box location that's near the artillery cannon used for the easter egg, on the floor 2. On the second floor of lab B, right when you go up the stairs 3. In lab A, on the floor, right next to the workbench 4. In front of the perk machine that's nearest to the altar with four skulls, on the ground 5. In the corner of the room with KT-4 building tables, on the floor but in water 6. In the first room when you enter the bunker, on the floor, next to the perk machine Edit: Fixed lighting issue on piece #4 with the help of Juggernog's light :D Some of them still have light shining into them so the numbers can be hard to see, but right now I'm just trying to piece together the paper, once it's finished we can start enhancing it.
  12. Well that explains it, I was just looking on the first floor like mentioned in OP @Tac where is that one with the 9th Division logo? It isn't any of the four mentioned in the first post
  13. Can you be little more specific? I just can't find this one...
  14. Solo: 48 - did the EE and continued playing with free perkaholic :D 2 players: 40 - this was early on the second day with my buddy and we didn't quite know how to do EE, we tried though so ended up on a pretty high round 3 players: 29 - did the EE again but only played for a while because host was lagging 4 players: 22 - we keep getting disconnected with four players so a meh record
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