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  1. I know this will sound kind of stupid but selfless... What if there was & easier way for (No - Mic) players to communicate better while playing zombies!!! It's best needed especially when 4 potential players are in one game and can't even tell each other to watch out... In modern warfare 3 for xbox {Survival co-op} if a player falls down he/she can press the (Y) button to call for the other co op buddy to assist... Now indicators are cool an all but there has to be a better way of communication with no mic players on any zombies match... Especially potential players they focus on players signals or players jumping to let you know they are ready!! Maybe if the character is facing another player they can call a name & prompts a command so that the co op friend know who they're being responded to Or you press the back button (the same button the shows player stats/name/kills/headshots) And a list of commands and phrases appears at the top of the screen with a warning color, the color maybe pertaining to a certain players color or a general warning... the commands are specially made for the map so it knows various spots & commands to prompt players, like (fallback) (or take cover) or (GET JUG) (repair the windows) (stay close) I'm just saying... These are suggestions
  2. Hello SledgeHammer, You guys are the best when it comes to the call of duty game play, I've always wanted to see what it was like to work for you guys on a cod project, I know it's funner than I expect
  3. Agame360

    Five 4 3 2 1

    That's not a bad plan (Nightmare Voyager) at all if we play I can follow this rules...I trust your planning... I'm mainly the type of player to stick inside of the elevator with the team for the first couple of rounds then ride the elevator upstairs to speed cola an back down to double-tap. Then switch to the bigger elevators, after we play the elevator for a couple rounds an stacked enough $$$, the team hits the power, take a spin at the mystery box, then turn the death cons on to upgrade... We wait for the scientist to come then run around the octagon.... So simple I guess
  4. Agame360

    Five 4 3 2 1

    Nobody ever has a strategy when it comes to this map. Sometimes it's not all about the player that can run away from a couple of dead flesh eaters..... But it's all about finding a good spot and hold a good fire position. Instead players run around like roaches in a abandoned building. Who's really about that strategic action???? Planning.. Timing.. Perk conserving..
  5. What's going on Z-heads!! I'm a NYC player that always goes for the win. I hope to see some benefits from this place. If you guys want to add my gamer tag (EXx caliber Lol) just saying I'm still looking to get my hands on that new Havoc dlc an advance warfare game as we'll.. So I will be in the AW world soon.
  6. Welcome to the forums Agame360 :)

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