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  1. Also, I know this doesn't have much to do with the story, but what the hell happened to the easter egg song previews when you died? It's a nitpick, but I find it completely retarded how Treyarch went out of there way to change zombies the way they did.Zombies used to be fun and simple with a storyline that was intense but easy to understand. All of that was ruined once the dreaded TranZit came out.
  2. Or the best bet: Erase the BO2 storyline, pretend it never happened, and live up to the promise that Moon set. Continue on with the original crew, along with RichtoSam, and have them fight zombies in a destroyed Area 51, and follow up from there. Oh, and did I mention keep the original crew?
  3. Hey there users of CODZ. This is xV1NTAGE_KINGx, but if that name is a little too much for you, then you could just call me either Vintage King or preferably VK. Here's all you need to know about me (as of now). As you could probably tell I absolutely love COD Zombies but let me get one thing straight, I loath what Treyarch has done with the franchise in Black Ops 2. I've been playing zombies since the debut in World at War (Nacht Der Untoten) and I've been hooked since. I pretty much found every zombie map from the beginning of WaW to the end of the first Black Ops to be equally enjoyable, bu
  4. Welcome to the forums xV1NT4GE_K1NGx :)

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