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  1. Not gonna get into as much detail as I have in my head and not sure if it has been mentioned already but here is some of my ideas: DISCLAIMER: I have been playing for a long time, since the beginning, every single map. I have my favorites just like everyone else. I don't want to make zombies super easy so it's possible to hit triple digit rounds before bed nor do I want over powered players or weapons so even round 90 zombies bow to my awesomeness, I believe skill is what makes this game fun. 1- I would like to see some real character customization. Not unlike we have in mp. Maybe it wouldn't kick in until later rounds, or not until you PaP but the ability to have the exact sight or attachment or even paint on your weapon is nice. It truly doesn't make the weapon any better or stronger just more comfortable. We've all seen it when you start the game off and a weapon just isn't working for you, throw on a red dot or eotech and then it's go time! Truth be told, they could pretty much adopt the mp character barracks for this, wouldn't even have to create anything new. 2- This has had mixed reviews among friends, but I would love a true point based system for customization and rewards, maybe separate from normal online... call it "career mode". In this idea, the tracking system already in place just assigns spendable points that are accrued for head shots, kills, level reached, etc. These points allow you to unlock items like permanent weapon attachments, paints, knife designs or whatever you want. I would even like to see it eventually go on to help with perks. Like for example, something like 1,000 head shots, 100 knife kills and reach 50 levels, not consecutively, without jug to upgrade it by one hit. Or, get 1,000 head shots immediately after reloading to upgrade speed cola. It needs some refining but I think it would add another fun element to the game that gave players just a little more to work towards instead of just 3 hours until your finally killed. 3- I think it could be fun to see a wider variety of useful weapons. Old time zombie players who are used to killing nazis understand this. I don't even really care if you make new from scratch ones, just add in weapons from various eras. I could see it being a game like once every so many rounds the box goes WaW weapons, the BOPS 1 and so on. It would add another element where going to the box was a must for certain players who have a love for certain weapons. I don't mind the "filler" weapons that are basically useless 9 rounds in but it kinda stalls progress after a while. All that would be required is simply allowing them a little different attributes after PaP, like speed, power, stability, reload speed, etc. 4- I like the idea of multiple PaP for weapons. I think it could be cool to PaP a lmg or assault rifle a couple of different times to increase power, magazine size and maybe add a little something extra to it. It would make some of the less interesting weapons more useable if after you PaP them for the 4th time and make them actually beast mode. Lets face it, most wall weapons in most maps are pretty much low round point getters but if you were allowed to PaP it a handful of times and made it comparable to the mid to high range weapons with the ability to buy ammo off the wall, well now we have something. The obvious would apply, 5g first PaP, 10g next and so on, then the PaP ammo for that weapon on the wall would also triple, double etc.. 5- A new machine, that may take some extra work on the developers part but would be awesome I think. A new machine, call it the Blend-O-Matic. Does what it sounds like, takes two, or hopefully more, weapons and combines them. Maybe you could have the power of a sniper with the portability and quick reloading of a pistol. Then combine that with a lmg or assault rifle and you have created a monster! Wouldn't be a bad idea to require a few things like mule kick and 3 stage 2 PaP weapons- stage 2 refers to idea number 4 right above- or something like that. It would make it really fun to see what you could create if idea number 3 was also implemented!!! It could take a long time to actually see even a majority of the combination possibilities. 6- This one is way more personal for me. I love the songs in zombies, I think most people do. I think adding a jukebox that is basically just streaming pandora to you and/or your companions would be nice. It wouldn't even be impossible to let all 4+ players stream their own stations. I have blue tooth headsets that allow me to listen to stuff while playing but it interferes with game sound. When the EE is activated in the game, it's seamless and just has a better quality to it. We all have had experience with the person in our group blasting something God awful, or maybe even decent, in the background but it is a complete distraction because of quality and static when the mic picks it up. I wouldn't even be object to a rotating turn based idea where everyone gets to hear their favorite tunes. Obviously, the ability to mute the music would have to be implemented for trolls who just play Bieber or something, haha. I have more ideas but I'll feel lucky if anyone actually reads this whole thing so we will go with just this for now. Let me know what you think. I'm not sensitive but be respectful, I won't bash you so please have the same courtesy.
  2. Welcome to the forums kratos300 :)

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