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  1. I would have thought that this information would have been relayed through a live stream or something... More official. Does this channel have any greater significance other than posting zombies related content? Despite all this, I'm still very much excited to see how they will present DLC 5. What do they have in store for us? Thursday seems far away now...
  2. Honestly, this got me more hyped than it probably should have. Even the possibility of this leak being real invigorated me. I wasn't thirsty for content either, as the stock maps were enough for me. So from what I've seen (MrDalekJD's video), we are most likely getting a Moon remake. Might happen, might not, he just said that voice actors were revealed to be recording lines pertaining to the map Moon. Probably the scariest map in my opinion because of those excavators. Knowing that you can't access select parts of the map anymore without certain tools (Gersch Device, teleporter, Astronaut hug) made the experience unnerving. Plus, it is hard to hear anything in space. Also hoping for Shangri-La, F.I.V.E., and Call of the Dead. There is no point in remaking any of the maps if they're not going to bring back the maps' respective wonder weapons. Being able to use the Scavenger, Wave Gun, and Winter's Howl in updated graphics would be amazing... I'm thinking they should update all the maps to have Widow's Wine, similar to what they did with Mule's Kick. And I'm curious to know how they'll deal with PhD Flopper.
  3. Fadelical

    I'm Crazy

    Welcome to the forums! Black Ops 1 and 2 were the peak of epic zombie maps! Glad to see more zombie enthusiasts joining the discussion.
  4. For me, the story had a very earthly and humble feel to it when the plot focused on situations happening within one universe. This happened up until Black Ops 2 where they decided to set up the "larger than life" plotlines of the Shadowman and Apothicons with Mob of the Dead and Origins. After that, I lost some interest in the story because it made the smaller details of the other maps seem insignificant in comparison to the bigger picture. Though, it's still fun to draw from the clues found within the old maps and make our own stories behind everything whether or not the Apothicons exist.
  5. @MysteryMachineX It's true that loops appear throughout the story in forms of both actual loops and metaphorical representations. The loop that I discuss is what I believe to be the overarching loop of the whole story that encompasses the multiverse in its entirety up until Richtofen and company break it. @The Meh From what I understand, you and I both agree that Origins became the first map to depict these four heroes that resembled the four characters (Tank, Richtofen, Takeo, and Nikolai) in templar garb. However, the ending of Revelations have led us to believe that these four characters are indeed the same as the Tank, Richtofen, Takeo, and Nikolai, despite the fact that the ending of Revelations also happens to make us believe that Monty put them in a universe and history that was the result of ending the standard timeline loop. If the four characters are sent back in time because they were successful in stopping the Apothicons, then how can they be depicted in a universe that's still stuck in the standard timeline loop with the Apoticons (Origins)? Does this mean that the universe is always doomed to be targeted by the Apothicons, and therefore that represents the loop? Maybe. If so, how did this loop even start if the four heroes where born in the late 1800s/early 1900s but they still appear in depictions from hundreds of years ago? Were the characters originally born around WW1 or were they originally born in the time of the templars? How did this standard timeline loop come to be then? Truly, they are the victims of the bootstrap paradox... That could point to Richtofen being evil because all this only happens since he kept the souls and blood vials of the four characters, effectively preventing them from being erased from existence after the defeat of the Apothicons. Those souls and blood come from universes and alternate realities that shouldn't exist anymore since the Apothicons were defeated. If Richtofen had not collected those items, then there would be no one to send back and continue this loop. Therefore, I believe that the presence of both those items are what keeps the overarching timeline of the Apothicons appearing again, causing the loop to continue indefinitely. So in other words, I agree with you, but I just wanted to provide my view on it. @anonymous That's more or less the timeline I had in mind that represents the loop. However, with new information from the Meh, I'm led to believe that the overarching loop is bigger than this, since maybe the Apothicons are always destined to attack the earth in all universes regardless of what happens. If the four heroes were sent back in time to wield the staves only because they were successful in defeating the Apothicons, then why does Origins depict these four heroes in a timeline that still contains the Apothicons, which shouldn't be possible if they were finally defeated. So I ask people for their thoughts and interpretations on this.
  6. To answer your question, let's establish that once Buried ends (if you followed the easter egg that puts Richtofen into power), the Apothicons come and consume the world and thus, that's the end of that alternate universe. The loop, however, occurs when a new alternate universe begins. When that happens, this new reality follows the standard timeline loop. So essentially, it's a loop that happens between different realities, not the same reality. So within the original universe, nothing happens after Buried, because nothing really can after the Apothicons destroy it. Before I answer your next questions, I personally don't think Samanatha is insane in Moon (when we last see her until Origins). She seems to be out for cruel vengeance towards Richtofen and his associates since he's the one who killed her and her father. As to why she sounds crazy inside Richtofen's body, that might have something to do with the fact of being inside Richtofen's body. Plus, a lot of time has occurred between Moon and Origins, so things could have changed for her. And yes, only Samantha went back in time. As for how, I've heard and seen different theories about how this relates to the easter egg path for Maxis. If you choose to follow Maxis for the easter egg in Black Ops 2, this is the first step in breaking the loop that plagues the other realities. In doing this, you give Maxis the power to release Samantha from Richtofen's body where they then both reunite in Agartha. That's what the rift was; it offered a pathway into Agartha. Of course, this doesn't prevent that universe's world from ending, as Maxis actually destroys the world himself, but by doing this, he prevents the Apothicons from consuming it #rollsafe. Once in Agartha, Samantha use her power there to travel to Origins and thus, sets the stage for Black Ops 3. So in actuality, the old original characters that you kill and collect the souls of aren't the actual Dempsey, Richtofen, Takeo, or Nikolai, but rather, alternate reality versions of them. The ones we know and love already died in their original timeline either by having the Apothicons consume their world or having Maxis destroy everything. Both easter eggs choices in Buried end with the Earth getting destroyed, but by different reasons. And in trying to change the future, Samantha actually achieves something greater, which is preventing 115 from ever appearing on Earth (in any known and unknown universe) in the first place after the Apothicons are defeated. @The Meh @MysteryMachineX I will get to discussing with you on those topics later because I have some possible theories and explanations for those instances, but for now I have to eat lol.
  7. Hm, that is very interesting, and I never heard that quote four years ago when the map came out because she talks with a low voice so I never really minded what she said. Before I start though, know that I use alternate reality and alternate universe interchangeably here. Anyways, the overall story of Treyarch's zombies seems to be that these Apothicons shoot Divinium meteors into different realities so they act as beacons for later consumption or something right? Well, the only direct mention of any sort of loop that I know of involves the trailer (opening cinematic) for The Giant map. Once young Richtofen blows the brains out of old Richtofen, we hear Dempsey's distress about being "done with this" to which Richtofen replies that "things change." That sort of implies that the team has attempted to change the course of history before, but they tentatively agreed to stop doing so, yet Richtofen still does. Then Nikolai talks about foolishness of changing history to which Richtofen states that its to "secure a better tomorrow." With this info, I can speculate that the loop that Samantha refers to in Origins seems to be the standard timeline that we've already seen. That is, the same timeline we experience in the World at War, Black Ops, and Black Ops 2 maps. And this timeline seems to be constant across many alternate realities. Standard timeline loop (ultra simplification): Germany discovers 115 in WWI, Richtofen goes insane, they conduct more research with 115 in WWII, he captures the other three, they travel through time until Richtofen controls the zombie on the moon and blows up the world, and it ends with either Richtofen or Maxis in charge due to the actions of the Green Run group. Zombies mode seems to borrow this idea of constants and variables from BioShock Infinite. In that game, we learn that across infinite universes, some things will always remain similar if not the same (the constants), while other factors change between them (the variables). This standard timeline loop always happens across multiple alternate universes, representing the constant. Knowing this, Samanatha goes back in time (from where we left off in the map Buried) and tries to break the loop by convincing the four young men (Dempsey, Richtofen, Nikolai, Takeo) to do what she says. We complete the Origins easter egg and from there, the loop starts to break. The loop is not fully closed, however, until we reach The Giant's trailer. Here, we are witnessing the loop occur again, but this time in an alternate universe as evident from the Iron Cross being present everywhere instead of the Nazi symbol. Once old Richtofen dies, that prevents the events of the Black Ops 1 and 2 maps from happening again and sets the stage for the Black Ops 3 maps. Even in the Black Ops 3 maps, we can see that some of the different alternate universes start to get crazy because of the fact that they changed history from killing old Richtofen, (especially noticeable in Gorod Krovi) therefore creating new, possibly scary possibilities for the future. Once the team destroys the Apothicons, they finally prevent them from shooting anymore Divinium into different universes, thus closing those realities off once and for all. Without Divinium, the standard timeline loop will never be possible anymore. Dragons wouldn't be possible, zombies wouldn't be possible, teleportation, the wonder weapons, the mystery box all wouldn't be possible without 115. That's why the blood vials posed a threat to Monty because they come from alternate universes that no longer exist (because 115 no longer exists). So that's what I believe the loop to be. I'm not sure if I explained myself that well, so if you have any questions, just ask me and I will try to clarify my observations/viewpoints. You can also say I'm wrong and provide your view of the storyline, I'm cool with that too. Although many people think that the story ended poorly, I believe that the journey getting there made it all worthwhile to experience.
  8. Well, I just got this game on Black Friday, so I'm ok with this wait. I think the bonus maps that will release for Modern Warfare Remastered next month should help alleviate the wait too.
  9. On the original Der Riese map, my highest round was like seventy in World at War and around sixty-ish in Black Ops. However in The Giant, it's just a little over thirty. I really suck at this map and I dunno why. I think it's because my usual crutch (the shield) is not available in this map, plus the zombies swipe really fast in this game, leading to a lethal combo. Sheesh, I remember when a zombie hitting you mid-slide meant insta death. Those were some horrible days back then, especially since I slide more than I run, lol.
  10. Overall, I think that Revelations came out to be a fun map with great nostalgia, but I still expected a little more. Maybe my fault for overhyping it, but when I heard that this map was going to be an amalgamation of past zombie maps, I literally expected for all maps to get some sort of representation. So my first con with this map is that I wished it would have featured one small, iconic location from each past map for exploration. For the maps that were featured, I think the development team chose awesome areas for each of them, like the stage in Kino der Toten, generator 3 in Origins, part of the cell block and the cafeteria in Mob of the Dead, the starting room in Shangri-La, the undercroft in Der Eisendrache, half of the American side of Verrückt, and using Nacht der Untoten as the main hub area (which I think is the best feature of this map). So if I had to alter anything about Revelations, my primary goal would be to implement iconic areas from all the other maps. Here's what I'm thinking: Shi No Numa: The swampy area with the Doctor's Quarters, including the hut too. Running through the swamp slows your movement like in the original. Der Riese: Teleporter A along with the Animal Testing lab area. Teleporter doesn't work at all. Dogs spawn here if you happen to be in the area in the middle of a round. "Five": The War Room without any functioning elevators. You can still activate all the Def-Cons once per round, and doing so will cause the red teleporter to teleport you to the main hub (Nacht der Untoten). Ascension: Area around Lunar Lander A. The Lunar Lander is no longer functioning. Fairly easy to survive here, but this is the only area that spawns zombies with the ability to dodge your bullets. Staying in this area too long will cause a cosmonaut monkey to start attacking you after landing in a pod from space. Call of the Dead: The entire lighthouse with the watery path that leads to the abandoned house with Stamin-Up. The water can still freeze players like in the original and is too shallow to swim in. Moon: The biodome with functioning Gravity Lifts. Every ten minutes, the excavator Epsilon will breach the biodome and cause gravity loss (similar in effect to the zero gravity of Der Eisendrache, but without the ability to boost jump). Loss of oxygen does not occur. However, every five minutes after the breach happens, an anomaly occurs and the biodome returns back to normal. The cycle repeats indefinitely. Green Run: The diner area from the original map. The lava pits that slowly harm you are still present, but now you can't access the foggy road. Every so often, you can see the bus flying in the distance only when you are in this area. Nuketown: The entirety of the green house without the cul-de-sac or backyard. Every five rounds, a random power-up will crash land inside the garage of the house if at least one player happens to be in this area of the map. Die Rise: Definitely the rooftop with the green dragon on it. It would probably only feature half of the rooftop without any working elevators. This would be the only part of the map with bottomless pits, resulting in an instant death if you fall down the elevator shafts or off the side of the roof. Features a PhD Flopper machine floating right outside this part of the map, just out of arm's reach. Buried: Half of the Borough area which should include the candy shop. Features chalk in the gunsmith building for weapons like the XR-2 and Razorback where you can't get and place anywhere else. Shadows of Evil: The Footlight district. A plant pod can burst here every other round to reveal a random reward, from a single zombie to a power-up. Normal yellow parasites and keepers are more likely to spawn here. Zetsubou No Shima: Laboratory B. Spiders are more likely to spawn here when players are in this part of the map. This is the only part of the map that features a pool of water deep enough to swim in. Gorod Krovi: The building with the power switch in it. A dragon will still come and burn the courtyard in front of the building. During some rounds, Manglers will randomly spawn here. My biggest pros are that they included the Thundergun and used Nacht der Untoten as the main hub. I really enjoy this map and I think it was a great way to end the zombies storyline.
  11. Welcome to the forums Fadelical :)

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