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  1. I would have thought that this information would have been relayed through a live stream or something... More official. Does this channel have any greater significance other than posting zombies related content? Despite all this, I'm still very much excited to see how they will present DLC 5. What do they have in store for us? Thursday seems far away now...
  2. Honestly, this got me more hyped than it probably should have. Even the possibility of this leak being real invigorated me. I wasn't thirsty for content either, as the stock maps were enough for me. So from what I've seen (MrDalekJD's video), we are most likely getting a Moon remake. Might happen, might not, he just said that voice actors were revealed to be recording lines pertaining to the map Moon. Probably the scariest map in my opinion because of those excavators. Knowing that you can't access select parts of the map anymore without certain tools (Gersch Device, teleporte
  3. Welcome to the forums! Black Ops 1 and 2 were the peak of epic zombie maps! Glad to see more zombie enthusiasts joining the discussion.
  4. For me, the story had a very earthly and humble feel to it when the plot focused on situations happening within one universe. This happened up until Black Ops 2 where they decided to set up the "larger than life" plotlines of the Shadowman and Apothicons with Mob of the Dead and Origins. After that, I lost some interest in the story because it made the smaller details of the other maps seem insignificant in comparison to the bigger picture. Though, it's still fun to draw from the clues found within the old maps and make our own stories behind everything whether or not the Apoth
  5. @MysteryMachineX It's true that loops appear throughout the story in forms of both actual loops and metaphorical representations. The loop that I discuss is what I believe to be the overarching loop of the whole story that encompasses the multiverse in its entirety up until Richtofen and company break it. @The Meh From what I understand, you and I both agree that Origins became the first map to depict these four heroes that resembled the four characters (Tank, Richtofen, Takeo, and Nikolai) in templar garb. However, the ending of Revelations have led us to believe that
  6. To answer your question, let's establish that once Buried ends (if you followed the easter egg that puts Richtofen into power), the Apothicons come and consume the world and thus, that's the end of that alternate universe. The loop, however, occurs when a new alternate universe begins. When that happens, this new reality follows the standard timeline loop. So essentially, it's a loop that happens between different realities, not the same reality. So within the original universe, nothing happens after Buried, because nothing really can after the Apothicons destroy it. Before I a
  7. Hm, that is very interesting, and I never heard that quote four years ago when the map came out because she talks with a low voice so I never really minded what she said. Before I start though, know that I use alternate reality and alternate universe interchangeably here. Anyways, the overall story of Treyarch's zombies seems to be that these Apothicons shoot Divinium meteors into different realities so they act as beacons for later consumption or something right? Well, the only direct mention of any sort of loop that I know of involves the trailer (opening cinematic)
  8. Well, I just got this game on Black Friday, so I'm ok with this wait. I think the bonus maps that will release for Modern Warfare Remastered next month should help alleviate the wait too.
  9. On the original Der Riese map, my highest round was like seventy in World at War and around sixty-ish in Black Ops. However in The Giant, it's just a little over thirty. I really suck at this map and I dunno why. I think it's because my usual crutch (the shield) is not available in this map, plus the zombies swipe really fast in this game, leading to a lethal combo. Sheesh, I remember when a zombie hitting you mid-slide meant insta death. Those were some horrible days back then, especially since I slide more than I run, lol.
  10. Overall, I think that Revelations came out to be a fun map with great nostalgia, but I still expected a little more. Maybe my fault for overhyping it, but when I heard that this map was going to be an amalgamation of past zombie maps, I literally expected for all maps to get some sort of representation. So my first con with this map is that I wished it would have featured one small, iconic location from each past map for exploration. For the maps that were featured, I think the development team chose awesome areas for each of them, like the stage in Kino der Toten, generator 3 in Origins, p
  11. I honestly never used those features much outside of the first few times I played those maps. They were a nuisance in my opinion, and portals are much more convenient and practical. And gumballs are overpowered but I think the fact that you can't get that many from the randomness of the factory balances everything out. Anyways, here's my gum ideas: Infradead Sight (Common, lasts two rounds): Allows players to see zombies through walls for two rounds as red outlines (like the oracle in Ghosts). Great for planing escape routes and choosing the safer path. S
  12. I think it's great that The Giant is very similar to the original releases as it would be a great compliment to the largely convoluted Shadows of Evil map. I've heard that the new map will be gigantic, have new bosses and enemies, etcetera, so I think they didn't change The Giant much (from what we've seen so far) so fans can have access to a more classic zombies experience, similar to how Nuketown zombies did not have much depth to it compared to Green Run upon release. Maybe the Giant acts as a break from all the innovations the newer map has to offer... Even if it is the same map for
  13. The whole map of Tranzit is literally burning 24/7. And I'm pretty sure the Giant map will allude to Samantha in more ways than one, so I guess we'll see some more of her. I'm honestly not sure if Shadow of Evil will have anything of about her, but maybe... I'm thinking it will be something different like they did with Mob of the Dead.
  14. Welcome to the forums Fadelical :)

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