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  1. Edward Richtofen Origins to Kino: Edward Richtofen first starts his adventure in Origins meeting Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai. In this map he is calm and kind, though sometimes slipping into having a blood lust sometimes. He seems to explain most of the strange happenings in the map. One thing he never explains or comments on are the blood vials he carries with the prisoners from Mob of the Deads cell numbers on them. People have compared it to the Power Up Zombie Blood but from evidence back in Kino Der Toten this may not be the case. In Kino Der Toten, Edward Richtofen makes a quote about taking vials of their blood for later. Only he says it in a calm voice not dissimilar to his Origins tone. This is extremely out of character for Richtofen in Kino, suggesting he has 2 personalities. Eddy and Edward as i like to call them. One being mad and the other quite intelligent and stable. This suggests that perhaps this was Eddy slipping out into Edwards personality for a second. Perhaps we will see these vials again? Also when the power is turned on in Kino, he makes a quote in the same Origins like voice about the mind control projects without the mad tone he is usually accustomed to. Richthofen's quote about the vials was heard in between rounds though this may not always be the case. “I will save vials of their blood…. for later….” Maybe this quote doesn’t relate to the zombies but our characters. Whatever the use for the blood is it must be powerful enough to travel through the loop with Richtofen. In the future they may be explained and we will get an explanation as to what they do. Also worth noting if these vials travel through the loop back to Origins, will that mean they are special enough to exist within the Rabbit Hole. Eddy the Liar and Edward Richtofen, the one who withholds the truth.
  2. Secure the keys

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      Damn locked them in the car again.

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      Paid $30to the maintenance guy because we lost the home keys again, why didn't I see the status before.

  3. Welcome to the forums 5074R15 :)

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