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  1. New years Special Reveal


    Black Hand Smith presents


    The Fountain of Worlds [Concept]


    There is a place in the center of the Multiverse. A castle as old as time itself that acts as a gateway to every single reality in existence. The castle is sacred and holds a ancient relic that keeps the Multiverse in Balance. The fountain of worlds. The waters that flow from this fountain cross each and every dimension. They say if you look into the waters you can see glimpses of other worlds. However the Fountain is Corrupted. The castle, in a Siege. For you see an Ancient Demi-God now plans to control all of creation using his army of the Living Dead. Black Eyed shadows of their Former selves and an array of hellish creatures hand crafted by him. Now the Gods, Kings and Queens, Deities and Legends of the Multiverse are left powerless to stop HIM. All seems lost but a Single Woman has a Plan. She is the Oracle of Dreams and using her Magic she calls out across all the Worlds to summon Heroes to her aid. Will her heroes be able to stop the Demi God? Or will the Fountain remain corrupt and the Multiverse conquered? Reunite with old faces from the past and get to know new faces from the future. 



    Coming December 31st 2015

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