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  1. Legacy of the Damned 3: Tides of Time Characters Revealed!


    Kline: An assassin from the assassins guild. Kline has never known family due to the fact that he grew up on the street. He often visits Marina’s Bar to get the latest bounties and assassination requests. He also enjoys a keg of rum every now and then. Kline has a black ponytail and has 2 cutlasses around his waist. He has black hair and somewhat brown skin. He might have a thing going on for Marina although she doesn’t notice. Kline wears a leather Vest and leather gloves. He’s good at handling tough situations

    Marina: A cocky bar owner who is also a part time Pirate. She has long luscious Brown hair and brown eyes. She is rather short and is often teased by the other pirates for her height. She is a mix between Hispanic and Asian yet has whitish skin. She wears a brown bandana over her head and carries a cutlass on her waist. She wears a white shirt and Black Pants. She has a pistol strapped to her chest in a holster and she isn’t afraid to shoot anyone that causes too much trouble in her bar. She considered Kline one of her best friends. She has a quirky personality and is somewhat of a Kleptomaniac eyeing valuable objects.

    Estevans:  An Ex Naval Officer. He dedicated many years of Service to his country however when he accidentally became a witness to a Murder he was framed as the killer and was prepared to be hanged. However all those years of military training allowed him to escape the noose as he found himself becoming a Pirate. Now all he does is search for the man who is responsible for the murder he was accused of committing. Estevan’s wears his old naval uniform although with some new modifications. Gun Holsters, Knife pouches, and all sorts of badges dangling from a strap

    Denzil: A Pirate Hunter who hunts down notorious Pirates and law breakers for the English Army. He hates Pirates and anyone associated with them due to the fact that his bride to be left on the eve of their wedding in pursuit of Adventure and plunder. He never forgave her and swore to bring an end to all pirates. Due to his Grudge against pirates his first instincts are to kill our other 3 main characters 

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