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  1. I didn't think it was killing children en mass? I thought you were saying Samantha and Richtofen were children and that means they are human killing zombies?? Or did I miss something?
  2. If Walking Dead can do it on National Television. Treyarch should have no problems.
  3. Hey, I am new to this forum. My boyfriend introduced it to me a couple weeks ago. I've been playing zombies a long time, and decided that all my ideals on zombies are wasted on people who don't care about Easter eggs. So I came here with the hopes of finding people who are into this as much as me, and you guys delivered! I look like such a newb, but that's okay. I love learning new things about Zombies, because there is always something new to learn! Add me if you want, let's play!
  4. Welcome to the forums malz_moser22 :)

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