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  1. Zombies has been literally pissing me off the last few days. Ill get all set by round 10 and make one stupid mistake and go down. Then of course i have to whip my controller at the ground and yell loudly. Ugh the struggles of a bipolar zombies player. :/

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    2. Dahniska


      Camp more? Idk. Each map is ideally played a certain way. I can give you tips for any of them if you want, though I mostly play BO2. ^^

    3. MysteryMachineX


      Try to just have more fun with it. Play with friends you can just goof off with. You might find yourself at a high round and not know how the time passed.

    4. LiL TS 420

      LiL TS 420

      I think im just going to take a nice break from zombies for a few days. Maybe play another game or maybe try and play some MP just to switch it up a bit

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