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  1. OMG, you're right! Wow, I must not have been fully awake! I rescind my last post. I however did not like how that game was unfolding, maybe I made my subconsious ignore that step to get out of playing it through. Anyways, thanks for keeping me on my toes, someone has to!
  2. Had the old can't-build-a-staff trick played on me again today, thanks trollarch! Finally got a day off and all to myself (love you mom ) when after about an hour farting around with staves to setup high round three robot stomping sessions, I come to find out I have to restart because I can't build the lightning, and thus can't get the giant tin cans to march in formation Ok fine, restart, and things are going beautifully it seems, round 70 behind tank station, no downs, plenty of hope, when out of the blue "Black ops 2 server unavailable at this time" Made a clip of the first blubber, can't even look at the second!
  3. Salutations and greetings ladies and gentlemen from your newest brother-in-arms and all around zombie slaying machine/addict AlbinoRhino190, or just Rhino for short. I stumbled upon this site looking for stratigies and help with Origins high rounds, ended up bookmarking it, and because of my frequent returns, decide to join the community. I've been playing around with zombies from the time I got thrown into five after the campaign ended on BO1, and got addicted shortly thereafter. I currently live in the midwest USA, have a great connection (barring stormy weather and power outages), play grief regularly and quite well (town mostly, but do enjoy the occasional farm or cell block), and do high rounds on the weekends, usually with a friend or two, or three! I also enjoy taking downs in first rooms from time to time and moon would not be the same without no-mans-land right? I recently purchased a capture device and started recording my high round attempts, but having a recorder apparently makes your skill level go down because all I'm recording now are epic failures I do follow zombierecords.net and currently hold a position in Origins first room co-op with a good friend of mine, hopefully with more to follow! I'd really like to find some veterans and shred some 4 player points runs on there soon! I play on XBOX, have all three games as well as all DLC maps for the trilogy, and can't wait for BO3 (it's like Christmas as a child getting a new zombies game/maps!) Well that's all I can think of, thanks for reading and providing someone like me with a great source for info/help! Rhino
  4. I don't know if this is due to the update or not, but I couldn't even build the ice in one game. Had to restart. Good thing it was early, 5 or 6ish. I couldn't imagine my frustration if I went to do the ice/wind swap on 80 or 90 and it wouldn't give it back!
  5. Good job on those wins, 11-0 is respectable, and if you've gone into random lobbies without host, I'd say you're one lucky SOB. You should buy a lottery ticket and retire now with that kinda luck on your side! But seriuosly, if you're making sure you have host and you run with griefers on your team everytime, I don't see why you can't do 100-0, or even 1000-0. I personally don't care for burrough much, but the games I have played I've always won. 5-0 or 6-0 I can't remember, not fast enough for me though, I prefer town or cell block for the faster games. Heck, I think one of my burrough games lasted almost two hours and I was the only player that didn't quit on my team, 1v4 for the last half hour, no grief game should go past 30 minutes unless theres two teams of respectable griefers IMO.
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